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Which pussy predicted a draw? I want names.

Posted in Sunderland vs Arsenal · Premier League · 29 Oct 2016 · 12:30

Brainwashed by Wenger's logic I see...because it's impossible for me to judge the skills of a professional unless I have first-hand experience of that profession.

Unless you have actual knowledge or experience of the inner workings of a medical team, or a football club. If not, then no, you cannot judge the skills. You can only judge the direct outcome of those skills (e.g. injuries, poor signings), but not the skills themselves.

It's like me judging and criticising a doctor for his medical decisions. I can only judge the outcome. But, you also know what they say... Hindsight is 20/20.

Posted in My beloved Cazorla <3

Ah yes, doctors are known to never make mistakes.

As opposed to non-medical professionals, they tend to make fewer mistakes. However, their track record is not very good.

The point he's trying to make, I think, is that at best we're making UNEDUCATED guesses. Unless someone is a physician and at best he's making educated guesses, because even then, he doesn't have access to medical data that Arsenal's doctors have.

Posted in My beloved Cazorla <3

I think it has been clear since at least last season, that:

  • Santi Cazorla is world class
  • It works with him as a CM

He might not be strong and can be outmuscled easily, but his numbers on interceptions and tackles are actually decent for a man his size. On the other hand, his dribbling and key-passing numbers, considering we also have Ozil in the team are impressive to say the least. What I'm trying to say is that he's an auto-pick.

The other slot I think should go to one of Coquelin/Xhaka. Both are hard tacklers, both fight for the ball. Xhaka, however, is awesome at passing, as we've witnessed.

I think there is not set midfield for every game, Wenger has more midfielders in his Arsenal than ever before, so he can tinker before games. 2 DMs? 1 CM/1 DM? 2 Creative CMS?

Lots of possibilities.

Posted in How would you set up our midfield

Btw, I think you have to also include another check in your algorithm.

  • Person A votes 4 times and gets 4/4 correct, therefore having 100% accuracy
  • Person B votes 38 times and gets 30/38 corret, therefore having 78.9% accuracy

Person A ranks higher, which I think is unfair. I think it would be more fair to count the rows in the database which collect the match events (5 rows currently) and either include the people who have placed predictions for 70% or more of the rows (rounded up or down, your choice) OR give more gravity to the votes of the people who have more participation.

Posted in 2016-2017 Arsenal Report Prediction League

Shit, I forgot to vote.

And WTF does saimpot stand for?

Well, it's a childhood nickname that kinda stuck.

Posted in 2016-2017 Arsenal Report Prediction League

Hey. When I go to users/485 it returns a 404 error. It works for user profiles, like user/1, but not for mine. Any clues?

Posted in Feature requests, bug reports, etc

Great change. Looks much better at the moment. :)

Darl Jenkinson, I'm coming for you!

Posted in 2016-2017 Arsenal Report Prediction League

Nope. Just a guy whose initials are D and J.

Darl Jenkinson?

Posted in Arsenal Report v4

When the so called BIG teams fucked up last season, we didn't crumble and could have finished even worsen (behind Spurs!!!). It didn't happen only coz of that W factor...

The point is, that when other BIG teams stumble and fall, we should have DEFINITELY been there to snatch the opportunity and go in for the kill. Instead, Leicester and Shit came out of nowhere and were leading the chase for a good part of, well, the season in Leicester's case, and 2 or 3 months in Shit's case. Unacceptable.

Posted in 2016-201 UEFA Champions League Group A! PSG, Arsenal, Basel, Ludogrets!