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Not only that, but after the equaliser we clearly played for a draw.

It seemed to me at the time that we did try to go for it during the first 3-4 minutes but gave the ball away cheaply too many times. One of them almost ended in the back of our net. Remember Monaco at home last minutes? That the back of the mind perhaps took the appetite to go forward away as well.

Posted in Bournemouth vs Arsenal · Premier League · 03 Jan 2017 · 19:45

The most revolting thing was that Giroud made it clear that for him individual achievements are more important than team ones. 11v10 and he equalises in ample time to go and win the match. But nooo. . .let's go and show off our new goal celebration routine like a dimwit. Gabriel thought a draw was enough as well as he went to cuddle the supporters. I'd say attitudes like these won't bring us any major titles.

Posted in Bournemouth vs Arsenal · Premier League · 03 Jan 2017 · 19:45

Bellerins worst day at the office - he'll learn a lot from this game. I get a feeling that Xhaka will always at times be slightly dim with his challenges.

Posted in Bournemouth vs Arsenal · Premier League · 03 Jan 2017 · 19:45

Arsenal are always capable of attracting such talents... but retaining them is a big headache now!!!

I'd say it's much less of a headache now than 5 years ago.

Posted in Alexis playing centrally

...but we didn't. Cheers, Arsene.

Atrocious form! 2nd loss in all competitions in 16/17 season. . .that's 2 out of 24 games. Should've got the sack after the 1st one.

Posted in Everton vs Arsenal · Premier League · 13 Dec 2016 · 19:45

Oh. . .Em. . .Gee! ! !

We've practiced enough now against Bayern. Time to produce the goods!

Posted in Arsenal's fate at Champions League!!!

This team is doing some sexy stuff out there nowadays.

Posted in Arsenal vs Stoke · Premier League · 10 Dec 2016 · 15:00

Arsenal have had the worst injury record for over a decade and you think it's just a coincidence and down to luck? Since Forsythe came things have improved but still not great.

I don't think it's luck and coincidence and neither have I said it. By the look of it neither did the AFC think in that way, hence hiring Forsythe.

Look at Leicester last season, they had almost no injuries, all thanks to smart fitness management.

Where is you evidence for this? How do you know this? Facts please.

So, when you can't substantiate your argument with anything, you just call the other guy a troll? That's a smart move

If you think that substantiating arguments with whatever your emotional state brings up then smartness shouldn't be a topic on the table. All we can do here is speculate but shouting from the high that a guy who is the longest serving manager in top flight football is a career wrecker that nobody has been able to stop is just unwise.

Posted in My beloved Cazorla <3

Now that we top the group, we'll probably draw Bayern or Real knowing our luck

I'll second that! Bayern would be just awful, just from the historical point of view. Real tho. . .mouthwatering. Brings back good memories this encounter.

Posted in Basel vs Arsenal · Champions League · 06 Dec 2016 · 19:45