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Chinese club has made a huge offer for Sanchez, apparently. £900k/week salary. If we get £150m for him, would you sell? Could get Griezmann + Reus for that kind of money.

if you're going off arseblog's tweet it was a joke. he put the author as Jack Eechan ffs

Posted in Winter Transfer Window

Pjanic has no space in our squad whatsoever

Posted in Winter Transfer Window

That's your opinion. Shallow minds judge players only by the titles they win. I look at the quality of the player.

So do I, and Santi is nowhere near Iniesta on ability as much as I love him.

Also we could've played Flamini at number 10 yesterday and still won, even though he plays for Palace

Posted in My beloved Cazorla <3

We'll only sign someone if there's a departure imo

Posted in Winter Transfer Window

He was never as good as Iniesta at any point in his career. Andres is one of the best midfielders to ever play the game.

Posted in My beloved Cazorla <3

worst ive seen us play since the 8-2.

literally every single player was absolute shite

Posted in Man City vs Arsenal · Premier League · 18 Dec 2016 · 16:00

Alexis quotes coming out today are very promising. Up to the club now to not let us down for the first time in 3 years

Posted in Alexis & Ozil - Its complicated!!!

Pogba is hundred percent not overrated. All you have to do is watch him play 90 mins to see how good of a footballer he is, not really his fault that the team around him and his manager is tragic

Posted in Alexis & Ozil - Its complicated!!!

Pogba is different gravy

Posted in Alexis & Ozil - Its complicated!!!

Our formation hasn't changed in the slightest, it's Alexis playing up front which is giving us a whole new dimension.

Without Giroud and being burdened creatively, Özil feels like he can run in behind a lot more now without it being a wasted effort, you've got the LW acting as a secondary/tertiary playmaker, Alexis doing what he wants and Theo/Perez being a goalscoring threat.

This is the football I've craved to see for such a long time, and it's no surprise that every single one of our players are benefitting from Alexis playing up front instead of a predictable bog-standard targetman like Ollie G.

Formation usually refers to a defensive shape, it's just that our two best players have the freedom to do essentially whatever they want

Posted in Alexis playing centrally