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Arsenal Report API v1.0


Arsenal Report is a not-for-profit platform focusing on data collection, analysis and presentation. We have been collecting detailed injury data since January 2013, and our transfer database covers every single arrival and departure since the day Wenger joined in 1996. We also have a player database, a historic events database, and a fixtures & results database. You can see how we utilise our own data across this site.

We now enter the next phase in our mission, which is to open up our data for others to use. The short-term reason is simple: we want to see what people can do with our data that we haven't done or thought of. The long-term reason is to support the community and improve the online ecosystem of Arsenal information for all supporters.

To start with, we're making all our injury data available to the public. Eventually we'll open up all other databases as well.

Terms Of Use

There are a few things to think about if you want to use our data:

  1. Accounts are limited to 1,000 requests per account per week This can be adjusted on a per-account basis if needed. We highly recommend caching the output on your end to reduce the number of database requests sent to Arsenal Report. 1,000 requests per week means you can poll the API roughly once every 10 minutes, which should be enough to keep in sync with the latest updates.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to use our data for commercial use Your site or app can be of a commercial nature, but the page displaying our data can not have any ads or paywalls. If you want to use our data for commercial use, contact us on [email protected] to discuss a commercial license.
  3. Source acknowledgement is required Wherever you use our data you must credit the source. We recommend using "powered by Arsenal Report" close to the displayed data. If you want to get around having to credit the source, this API probably isn't for you.

The most important part here is the restrictions surrounding commercial use. You are simply not allowed to make any money from using our data, as that goes against the spirit of why we're doing this.


To get started, login or create an account. In your account settings you can request API access, which will generate a unique URL. This URL gives you a JSON response, and it's all you need (no HTTP headers required). We monitor your request quota and access through your Arsenal Report account. A request to[your_unique_key] would result in:

  "player": {
    "secondary_position":"Attacking Midfielder",
  "injury_type":"Thigh Strain",
  "expected_return":"Any day",

You can regenerate your API key at any time from your account settings.