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Arsenal Report Terminology

This page explains all necessary terms for reading the information on Arsenal Report.

Transfer Arrivals & Departures

We only list transfers, not youth intakes. A transfer arrival is therefore a player who either:

  1. Signed directly for Arsenal's first team
  2. Signed for youth/reserves, but with transfer (or nominal) fee attached
  3. Signed for free, but after the age of 16

All other players are regarded as 'own products', and won't be displayed in the Transfer Centre until signing pro terms. Similarly, a transfer departure is a player who held a professional contract with Arsenal at the time of departure. When it comes to arrival dates for own products, we only list the date on which pro terms were signed. This is why players like Jack Wilshere are listed as arriving in January 2009.

Squad Registration Rules

Premier League clubs have to register a first-team squad of no more than 25 players , of which a maximum of 17 can be non-homegrown . Many people have misinterpreted this as meaning we have to register 8 homegrown players, which isn’t true – we could theoretically just register 17 non-homegrown players. In addition, all clubs are allowed to use as many U21 players as they wish during the season.


According to Premier League rules, a homegrown player is someone who has been registered to an English (or Welsh) club for a combined period of three seasons (36 months) prior to his 21st birthday (or the end of the season during which he turns 21).


A player is considered U21 if he is under the age of 21 on 1st January in the year in which the season commences. For example, if Player A turned 21 on December 31st this year, he would not be considered U21. However, if he turned 21 on January 1st, he'd be considered U21 and would not have to be named in the 25-man squad for this season.

Arsenal Report Karma Points

Karma points are used to unlock user settings like custom header images and custom titles. They also control the wreath around your profile image - the more points you have, the more elaborate this wreath will become.