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This is the detailed changelog for Arsenal Report since the launch in its current format (as Dial Square in December 2014).

v3.62 (19 Mar 2017)
  • Removed the AAS due to low figures
  • Some refactoring and code cleanup across the board
  • Finally fixed the reset password system
  • Removed all non-HTTPS links to avoid cross-region errors
  • "Expected return" added to the Injury API
  • Prediction performance and stats added to user profiles
v3.61 (28 Jan 2017)
  • Code refactoring started, site should become faster over the next few weeks
  • Complete revamp of the mobile site nav + mobile optimisations
  • Style tweaks all over
v3.6 (26 Jan 2017)
v3.5 (25 Jan 2017)
  • New branding for 2017, across all platforms
  • New notifications style
  • Small visual tweaks to match threads
v3.4 (19 Jan 2017)
  • New feature: The Arsenal Apparel Society, a t-shirt subscription service with original and exclusive Arsenal artwork at your door every month. If you're an artist who want to be featured let me know. We offer 100% of the profits to the artist.
v3.3 (19 Jan 2017)
  • Arsenal Report is now fully served over HTTPS
  • League History added, with St Totteringham's Day throughout history
  • Stream links have been added to match threads, will be updated before kickoff every game
v3.2 (4 Jan 2017)
  • Small colour palette changes to freshen up the site
  • Fixtures & Results page updated with updated points and form stats
  • More minor fixes across the board
v3.1 (3 Jan 2017)
  • Password updates finally work, from resetting to updating
  • Minor fixes
  • Recaptcha fixed for new registrations
  • Match threads now show who predicted what outcome
  • Predictions have been cleaned up, summer time removed
  • New Fixtures & Results page
v3.0 (14 Aug 2016)
  • Huge: Brand new player stats on the players page, with performance data you can both sort and filter however you want
  • Huge: Following the players page, all individual player pages also have stats now, including things like days lost to injury and performance over last three games
  • Huge: Fixtures and results now in the database, with TV channel listings and dedicated match threads on the home page
  • Huge: Predict-A-Tron! Predict the outcome of a game and climb the prediction leaderboard to win prizes
  • New A-Z directory of every single player at Arsenal under Wenger
  • Improved transfer and injury notification email copy
  • Javascript fixes across the site
  • Transfer history now breaks down expenditure/income by both primary and specific player positions
  • Small fix for U21 players being included in the non-HG count
  • Visual tweaks, including a new header font
  • Small fixes to the OTD section
  • Numerous bug fixes, including comment editing issue
v2.9 (24 Apr 2016)
  • Email notifications for Injury Room and Transfer Centre, activated from your account settings
  • Major aesthetic improvements to sections with forms (account settings, registration, login, new post, etc)
  • Password no longer needed to update account settings
  • 'Join The Team' updated with breaking news curator position
  • Style tweaks to the Transfer Centre
  • Style tweaks to blog posts
  • Tooltips for source information added to the Transfer Centre
v2.82 (7 Feb 2016)
  • Aesthetic tweaks all over
  • New join the team page for positions open at Arsenal Report
  • Extended event details on the forum overview
  • You can now attach an emoji sticker to your comments
v2.81 (10 Jan 2016)
  • Minor bug fixes all over
  • Posts that are longer than 500 words now automatically get a blog style layout
  • History page is up, but is in alpha stage - timeline not 100% working, and lots of events missing (especially after 1940)
v2.8 (31 Dec 2015)
  • Prediction league table added, based mainly on the expected goals (xG) method but also on other prediction models. You can discuss the methods and how to improve them here
  • Transfer Centre has been updated with player images and summer/winter indication
v2.7 (3 Dec 2015)
  • 'Unknown' state added for injuries
  • 'Recently updated' feature on Injury Room to indicate freshness of data
  • 'On this day' section moved to forum
  • Highest rated comment now shown underneath original post
v2.66 (27 Oct 2015)
  • Added fallback fonts for weird characters
  • Added detailed tooltips to the top lists for more info about numbers displayed
v2.65 (26 Oct 2015)
  • Added first team stats to players page
  • Improved top lists with clarifications on metrics used
v2.64 (25 Oct 2015)
  • Re-calculated injury room to include overlapping injuries from previous season
v2.63 (21 Oct 2015)
v2.62 (17 Oct 2015)
  • Removed match prediction and match day threads (too much work)
  • Better Injury Room maths and presentation
v2.61 (30 Sep 2015)
  • Tweaks to the Injury Room for better overview
v2.6 (22 Sep 2015)
  • New matchday threads, with match prediction system
  • Slight tweaks to Injury Room look and feel
v2.56 (28 Aug 2015)
v2.55 (1 Aug 2015)
  • Dedicated changelog page as this post was getting quite large
  • Post links improved to not go to last comment unless stated
  • URLs now wrap correctly in posts and comments
  • Polls can now be locked and edited properly by the poll creator
v2.54 (30 Jul 2015)
v2.53 (14 Jul 2015)
  • More performance improvements
  • Brand new upvoting system to help with performance
v2.52 (13 Jul 2015)
  • Massive speed improvements
  • Slight style tweaks all over
  • Pagination added to polls page
  • Bug fix where editing your own poll caused an error
v2.51 (12 Jul 2015)
  • Further tweaks to the new AMA system
  • Fixed a bug in Injury Room that didn't calculate ETA correctly
  • Performance tweaks
  • Only logged in users can see poll results
  • Logged out users now see a registration prompt on the forum
  • New player and user badges
v2.5 (10 Jul 2015)
  • Fancy tooltips for user and player badges
  • Further improvements to site performance
  • Small tweaks to +1 and flag system
  • Numerous bug fixes
  • Improved system for going to last unread comment
  • Re-added comment link so you can directly to a comment (small hash symbol)
  • Completely revamped AMA system based on feedback from the Karbassiyoon AMA - see detailed comment
v2.4 (6 Jul 2015)
  • Completely revamped unread/subscriptions system
  • Threads now subscribed through posting comment, upvoting or clicking bookmark in top right
  • Threads can be unsubscribed by clicking the bookmark icon again
  • Clicking a post title now brings you to the last unread comment
  • Better separation between read and unread posts
  • Performance tweaks and code cleanup
  • AMA functionality tweaked and improved so we can start AMAs soon
  • Improved moderation controls
  • Added 'other articles' to end of blog article pages
  • Small change to post upvoting to see if we can get more people using it
  • Player arrival fix so site won't break in between adding new player and his arrival transfer
v2.32 (1 Jul 2015)
  • Favourite Wenger XI feature added! Go to your profile page to check it out
  • When logged out, the landing page is the forum (not /news)
  • Various bug fixes
v2.31 (30 Jun 2015)
  • Improved News section
  • Friendly URLs for polls and players
  • Threads can now be locked, if necessary
v2.3 (26 Jun 2015)
  • Simplified the community into News/Discussions/Polls/Articles
  • Added success message to polls
  • General tweaks here and there
v2.2 (25 Jun 2015)
  • Added user polls! To create one, click 'New post' and then select poll
  • Added a terminology page - this will be continuously updated
  • Events have been added as well, will appear in 'on this day' box on home page
v2.1 (25 Jun 2015)
  • Small tweaks to nav bar, home page, sidebar, etc
v2.04 (24 Jun 2015)
  • Added captain badges to players
  • New header images in rotation
  • Brand new home page with 'on this day' feature
v2.03 (24 Jun 2015)
  • Bug fixes all around
  • Added player badges for invincibles, legends and £10m+
  • Added trophy counts to seasons
v2.02 (22 Jun 2015)
  • New system for tracking unread posts
v2.01 (21 Jun 2015)
  • Fixed a few new user bugs
  • Moved all static images to Cloudfront, should speed up the site a bit
  • SEO bullshit to please the Google gods
  • Added monthly breakdowns to the Injury Room
v2.0 (20 Jun 2015)
  • Arsenal Report merge completed
v1.95 (18 Jun 2015)
  • Massive updates to all sections
  • Database cleaned up
  • More preparations for Arsenal Report merge
v1.9 (16 Jun 2015)
  • Arsenal Report merge initiated
  • Transfer Centre now live
  • Injury Room now live
  • Players page now live
v1.83 (10 Jun 2015)
  • Sidebar RSS performance tweaks
  • Overall performance tweaks
  • Removed ability for comment authors to +1 themselves
  • Improved 'add to home screen' web app on iPhones
  • Added fancy user box in sidebar
  • Mobile nav tweaks
v1.82 (9 Jun 2015)
  • Revamped mobile experience
  • Added new 'Articles' section showcasing all posts marked as blog posts
  • More tweaks to homepage sorting
v1.81 (8 Jun 2015)
  • Indicators for blog posts
  • Blog post layout tweaks
v1.8 (7 Jun 2015)
  • Changed sorting on homepage, priority for latest updated
  • Added BBC Arsenal news RSS to sidebar
  • Wreaths now showing everywhere
  • Sidebar tweaked a bit
  • Blog posts added (any thread can now become a blog post on request)
v1.7 (6 Jun 2015)
  • New homepage with RSS feeds from Arseblog News + Reddit
  • Some bug fixes
  • New snazzy random header images from Arsenal history
  • Improved some widths for desktop and tablets
v1.6 (3 Jun 2015)
  • Updated profile image wreath levels
  • Moved all image assets to S3, should speed up the site drastically
v1.521 (31 May 2015)
  • Added mandatory FA Cup final random images
v1.52 (27 Apr 2015)
  • SEO bullshit to please the Google gods
v1.51 (26 Apr 2015)
  • Minor change to the order of which posts are shown in 'popular' tab
  • Fixed a bug where posts started by now deleted users didn't show
v1.50 (25 Apr 2015)
  • New site logo and nav bar
  • Minor styling tweaks in post threads
  • Static pages now working on mobile screens
  • Added new achievement badges for membership length
v1.38 (24 Apr 2015)
  • Improved leaderboard styling
  • Improved karma wreaths
  • Brand new profile pages!
  • Cover images added (unlocks once you hit karma 200)
  • Link to your own profile in nav bar
v1.37 (23 Apr 2015)
v1.36 (22 Apr 2015)
  • Added pagination for comments
  • Cleaned up forum thread styling
  • Removed AJAX comments due to pagination bug
  • Added user karma points with portrait frames
v1.35 (11 Mar 2015)
  • Added 'last post by' on homepage
v1.34 (5 Mar 2015)
  • Added moderation tools to allow admins and mods to hide, unhide and unflag comments and users
  • Added +1 buttons
v1.33 (4 Mar 2015)
v1.321 (28 Feb 2015)
  • Added achievement tooltips
v1.32 (26 Feb 2015)
v1.31 (25 Feb 2015)
  • Minor bug fixes (pagination, user titles, etc)
  • Performance improvement
  • Tweaks to 'Popular' algorithm
v1.3 (4 Jan 2015)
  • Posts updated less than 12 hours ago now marked with icon
  • 'Mark all as read' implemented
  • Fixed post counts bug on user account settings
  • User profiles added
v1.24 (3 Jan 2015)
  • Added the ability to flag comments
v1.23 (31 Dec 2014)
  • Fixed a few bugs with AMA responses
  • New posts truly sorted by creation date
  • Added 'unread posts' tab
v1.22 (30 Dec 2014)
  • Added proper 'unread threads' functionality
v1.21 (28 Dec 2014)
  • AMA functionality
  • Fixed a bug with the reCaptcha code on registration
v1.2 (26 Dec 2014)
  • You can now see what you have voted up/down for
  • Only users with 50+ posts can have custom titles
  • Lazy loading profile images
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Added indicator for new activity on posts
v1.1 (25 Dec 2014)
  • You can now add a URL to a post to trigger source links
  • Added a unique link to every comment so you can link directly to it
  • Comments are now AJAX so page won't reload
  • Changed roles: only authors can edit, only admins can delete
  • Added quoting functionality for comments
  • Added more user info to account settings
  • Put measures in place to prevent errors when people delete accounts
  • Cleaned up the design a bit
  • Added pagination to the home page
  • Had some whiskey
v1.0 (23 Dec 2014)
  • Release!