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Burnley manager Sean Dyche praising Arsene Wenger

Posted by Praxeum over 8 years ago · 0 replies

Dyche was asked about what manager impressed him the most:

Arsene Wenger was excellent when we went down to Arsenal, particularly down at [we were] a bit more time-bound, you know these clubs fly in and fly out again. But he spent a good bit of time with me down there. I know Steve Bould who I've respected for a long time.

[Wenger] is probably the outstanding one just because of the things he told me, little snippets and little ideas. Not really on-the-pitch ideas, but feel ideas about your group and what you're trying to operate with. I did share with him my wage bill, which he found amusing. Not in a patronising way, but he did equate that to probably [one of his players].

Reporter then asks about Van Gaal:

He didn't really, I don't believe he spend time with coaches. He certainly didn't at our place, certainly didn't there. I think he popped in to say hello.


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