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Ivan Gazidis & Ian Wright Q&A transcript

Posted by Praxeum over 8 years ago · 0 replies

Gazidis on Shad Forsythe possibly solving the injury problems:

It’s not down to just one person, Shad is a terrific, top class professional. Of course he brings some new ideas with him. But it’s not just about that, it’s about how you make all of the different departments, this whole area, sports science, isn’t what it used to be ten years ago. You have to integrate all different types of experts in their disciplines, bring that all together and all of your staff and in some instances change your methods and change training methods.

Nice little reveal about Bellerin:

Hector was a player we bought in from Barcelona, actually when Cesc was sold to Barcelona, he came to us as part of that deal.

Ian Wright on the goalkeeper situation:

I believe our goalkeepers are two very good goalkeepers, don’t get me wrong. I look at Wojciech and I think he could kick on more than he has when you look at the progress made by David de Gea and he hasn’t reached that level yet. You look at when Man United signed Van der Sar from Fulham and that’s that kind of signing we need to make.

Ian Wright is asked what he thinks of Tottenham:

I’m with Jack Wilshere, man. But in seriousness, when we play Tottenham, Jack’s gonna get some stick and those fans aren’t gonna get charged with disrepute.

Ian Wright on getting some ex players on the board:

I’m not happy about seeing Patrick at Manchester City, one of our greatest players and I think we missed a trick with that. Even if he was just at the club passing on his knowledge and experience.


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