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On this day in 1913, Henry Norris obtains a lease for the site that would become Highbury Stadium

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Just after the unfortunate relegation to the Second Division, Henry Norris manages to secure a 21-year long lease for six acres of the playing field of St. John’s College of Divinity. The plan is to build a new stadium and move Woolwich Arsenal to North London. Clapton Orient opposes the move in February together with Tottenham, with an Orient chairman voicing a concern that ends up echoing through modern times:

Any millionaire can buy up a poverty-stricken club, form a company, and then where does sport come in?

Tottenham also tries to block the move through legal channels, but the Football League rejects Tottenham's final appeal on March 1st and allow Arsenal's cross-London move to go forward.

Stadium architect Archibald Leitch, who also designed Craven Cottage for Henry Norris, is hired to design and build the new stadium over the summer. Work commences on June 28th with only 10 weeks until the start of the Second Division season. The initial stadium build ends up costing £125,000.


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