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Aaron Ramsey talks about preferred position

Posted by Ix Techau over 2 years ago · 0 replies

On his preferred position:

I’m not hiding away from it, I want to be playing in the middle. I’ve had chats with the manager about it. I showed at Manchester United what I’m capable of doing when I go into the middle of the park. It’s harder to get involved in the game when you’re on the wing, which is why I don’t really enjoy playing there.

I like to be involved in ­everything, in starting attacks. I’m relying on other people to get me into the game. It is a bit frustrating. I am having an impact on the game but I prefer to be much more involved. The manager said he wants me do a job out there for the moment and obviously I’ll do that for him. But I prefer to play in the middle. We have wingers on the bench, but he’s still picking me out wide.

I like to get the ball and drive the team forward. I’m not a No10, playing with my back to goal. I’ll try to play between the lines now and again if the game demands that and we’re pressing quite high. That can be a dangerous position to take up. But I like to start from a defensive position and drive the team forward with little one-twos around players. That’s where I prefer to play.

On getting his central position back:

Santi Cazorla is the one in my position. He’s the one who plays alongside Francis Coquelin and tries to get forward. I am trying to get that back. The manager respects ­everyone’s opinion. His door is always open, which is a good thing. He’ll have his reasons but will also respect your reasons and value your opinions.

On gunning for the title next season:

The last couple of seasons have either started off really well, or finished really well. We couldn’t quite put the two together, hopefully we can do that next season. It’s just about being more consistent throughout the season. We know we can match anyone on our day – it’s just about doing that every week.

It’s a massive few days in front of us. We’re looking to secure third place. Obviously we’ll go into the last game wanting to finish on a high before the FA Cup final, hopefully then we can go on to retain that.


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