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£10m seems too cheap, doesn't it? Would have thought we could get a lot more. In any case I'm sad to lose him.

Yeah I don't get it. In this market he should go for around £30m based on his last season alone. So ok, he wanted to leave...does that bring a transfer fee down by £20m??

Posted in 2017-2018 Summer Transfer Window

I don't get this new thing about selling Chambers...why the fuck would we do that? Debuchy, Jenkinson, Joel, Ospina and Perez can fuck right off but why sell a great CB prospect like Chambers?

Posted in 2017-2018 Summer Transfer Window

Handanovic, Miranda, Peresic, Kondogbia, Biabiany....

...Icardi, Barbosa, Mario...

Posted in 2017-2018 Summer Transfer Window

Huh i had the opposite opinion on him but I will trust your all-powerful wisdom on this one. Don't think he'd fit well into the system anyway

I can name 10 other players at Inter I'd rather want than Brozovic!

Posted in 2017-2018 Summer Transfer Window

ARSENAL TURN TO INTER MIDFIELDER BROZOVICArsene Wenger has marked Inter midfielder Marcelo Brozovic as a summer target as he looks to reinforce his Arsenal midfield ahead of the new season, according to a report from ESPN .The Gunners have already added Sead Kolasinac and Alexandre Lacazette to their squad, though Wenger is keen on strengthening his options in the middle of the park.

I actually watch Inter and Brozovic is awful.

Posted in 2017-2018 Summer Transfer Window

Is it possible that Arsenal have been in talks with Lemar's agent, and that they have agreed that 90k a week is fair IF he goes to Arsenal. I could be wrong, but it would seem like that's possible.

Highly against tapping up rules. I know everyone says "everyone does it, happens all the time", but I actually think it happens WAY less than people think. Few clubs are willing to take the risk of ending up like Atletico with a transfer ban.

Posted in 2017-2018 Summer Transfer Window

Arsenal have made it clear that they will not sell Alexis Sanchez or Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain to a Premier League rival

I think it's a lost cause. We'll sell Sanchez to Man City as soon as either Lemar or Mahrez joins.

Posted in 2017-2018 Summer Transfer Window

Arsenal have agreed personal terms of £90,000 a week with Thomas Lemar, but have still to reach a deal with Monaco for the winger, according to The Sun

The Sun still don't understand how football transfers work. We can't agree personal terms until Monaco give us permission to do so...and seeing how they have rejected all our bids so far, there is no way in hell we have been able to agree anything with Lemar.

Posted in 2017-2018 Summer Transfer Window

Of course Giroud should play for Arsenal next season. I don't know why Lacazette's arrival has people thinking Giroud will leave...the gorgeous French bastard has literally said multiple times that he wants us to sign another striker he can compete with. He's an excellent alternative (or complimentary cough cheeky 4-4-2 cough) striker to Lacazette. Bring Giroud on in the 65th, let him do his thing.

Posted in 2017-2018 Summer Transfer Window

In terms of the Sanchez contract negotiations, I think people don't really understand how contract/business negotiations work in general, or how agent/client relationships work in football. Agent and client usually discuss a rough figure they want to reach, client goes away to focus on holiday or footballing matters, agent starts off negotiations at twice that figure.

Of course an agent will want the best deal for its client, that’s the whole point of having an agent. They'll leak transfer interest rumours to the press to try and up the price, they'll play hardball any way they can. It's business, not personal.

I very much doubt Sanchez even cares what the final figure is, as long as his agent hits the agreed range. I also think it’s ridiculous to assume that Sanchez is holding the club to ransom. If you’re up for a pay rise at work, surely you would aim to get as much money as possible? Maybe you'll say things like "I've been offered £100k/year at this other company, which is tempting" just to get closer to what you want...would that be holding your employer ransom? No, it's just part of business negotiation tactics.

People seem to forget one thing: if Sanchez wanted to leave he wouldn't even have instructed his agent to negotiate a new contract. He is obviously open to staying, otherwise he'd just run down his contract and fuck off next summer. Signing a new contract with Arsenal harms his chances of moving to a new club, as his transfer fee will go up 5x. And spare me the conspiracy theories about using Arsenal negotiations as leverage to drive up some imaginary contract offer from elsewhere.

Also, let's stop this "unhappy player" nonsense...nothing Sanchez has done so far indicates that he wants to leave or that he is unhappy at Arsenal. We're so used to all these nice non-tantrum weakling players at Arsenal that as soon as someone gets pissed off for being subbed we automatically assume there is a disconnect. And yet we all complain that we don't have the fiery personalities anymore like Vieira, Keown, etc.

Posted in 2017-2018 Summer Transfer Window