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I don't know if this is really a bug but when I go to the community, I usually see the polls with a number of how many I didn't read next to Discussions and your Articles. For some reason, the polls doesn't show up. Just letting you know.

I removed them. Been wanting to do that for a long time. Weren't working 100%.

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Please don't post outlinks as basis for discussion. If you want to discuss something, post the relevant arguments in here instead of prompting people to leave this site only to find out what you're talking about.

When it comes to Xhaka, he shouldn't have a partner. He should be the sole DM in a Pirlo-esque quarterback role with two more advanced CMs further up.

Posted in Xhaka's new partner????

maybe Sanchez & Ozil along with Wenger to PSG???

Fine by me, that will be £300m please.

Posted in Arsene Wenger to PSG???

Who should we get?

Griezmann, Kante...and Ramos maybe?

And before you say "why would they want to leave their clubs" or "why would their clubs sell them", please note that only Arsenal thinks like that. Chelsea didn't care that we didn't want to sell Cole. Barcelona didn't care that we didn't want to sell Fabregas. Big clubs don't care about stuff like that. They identify players they need and then do everything they can to get them.

Posted in Loosing 4 games out of 5

There's no problem with Wenger's tactics

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I think Wenger doesn't like to go "in debt"

That's the problem...why does Wenger have a say about how the club spends money. It's literally none of his business. His focus should be on the first team performing. If that means going into debt in order to compete for titles, then that is what we should do. It's not Wenger's job to hinder our progress because he's worried about how the board will manage to get funds.

Posted in Loosing 4 games out of 5

What are you talking about, we have spent £200 million net in the last four years. There is plenty of money to spend. The problem is Wenger, and no one else. Even if I buy your argument that the problem is the players: Wenger is the one picking them. Buying them. Training them.

Posted in Loosing 4 games out of 5

I get that people don't like the results right now but like THE POLICE said, the fans should not be a bunch of jerks to players and manager if they don't perform well. That makes them more likely to do worst and that also makes them want to leave the club.

The problem is that I (like many other supporters) pay thousands of pounds every year in different club-run schemes in order to fund things like Wenger's £8.3m/year salary. He earns £947 per hour, seven days a week, all year round. He is not paid by the board, he is paid by the supporters. If there were no supporters, there would be no money.

So if I pay Wenger's salary, which I do indirectly, I should at least be able to express dissent if I think he is mismanaging the club I have supported since before he even knew they existed. That's not being a jerk, nor is it being disrespectful.

If you do a bad job at your work place and get fired, it has nothing to do with disrespect or being a has to do with your performance. If you don't perform according to the minimum needed to stay competitive, then you should get fired. If you over a ten-year period keep making the exact same mistakes over and over again, then you should get fired.

That's it. It's nothing personal against Wenger.

Posted in New Manager

In true Arsenal fashion we'll win this game 6-0, causing Wenger to re-sign his contract.

Or we'll get slaughtered.

Who cares anymore.

Posted in Arsenal vs Man City · Premier League · 01 Apr 2017 · 15:00

v3.62 (19 Mar 2017)
- Removed the AAS due to low figures
- Some refactoring and code cleanup across the board
- Finally fixed the reset password system
- Removed all non-HTTPS links to avoid cross-region errors
- "Expected return" added to the Injury API
- Prediction performance and stats added to user profiles

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