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Arteta comes out of cryo-sleep to talk about squad rotation

Posted by Ix Techau about 9 years ago · 0 replies

On the nature of rotation:

We have progressed a lot off the pitch. Understanding the function and the demands of the club is very important and I’m pleased with the way every single player in the squad – and this has happened to all of us – has reacted to being rotated at some point in the season.

On the response from the team:

Everyone has responded by thinking that they need to improve, that they need to do more. There’s no disappointment – you don’t hear anyone talking badly about the manager’s decision. To have a whole squad of that calibre respond in the same way tells me a lot about the quality of the group.

On next season:

Now we want to build momentum and the best way to do that is by being consistent on the pitch and winning trophies. We are in a really strong position – I think we are getting better in all areas. That evolution must continue because the potential of this club is limitless. Let’s take advantage of that.


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