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Coquelin talks about being unhappy when he returned from Charlton

Posted by Ix Techau over 2 years ago · 0 replies

On returning to Arsenal mid-season:

It was true that I wasn't happy when I came back. I was playing regularly even if it was in the Championship and obviously to be on the bench, I was a bit frustrated. The manager said to me that I didn't look happy when I came back. I said 'yeah, it's true' because I was playing regularly and then I was back on the bench and then I started the West Ham game when I didn't expect it.

We were sixth at the time. West Ham were fifth, so it was a massive game. I thought he's not going to play me and he plays me. It shows in football you really need to be ready at any time.

I always had hunger, I knew if I got the chance I was ready for it. I just needed the chance. It was difficult, but I think for six months I was really focused even if I was not playing.

Every training session I wanted to make something out of it. If a chance was coming I was ready. It was going there to get something out of it and do something good there. That's what I have done. When I came back I was full of confidence and ready for a fight.

On the future:

The dream now? Well this is the dream. I am at Arsenal, I have been here since I was 17. Arsenal is a club that I really like and if I could stay here all my career I would love to. It would have been hard if I had to leave because I would have got a feeling I didn't get the chance to show what I could do. I would have been frustrated.

On the competition for places at Arsenal:

It's a big club, I understand there is no place for everyone and it's hard to get a place, but this feeling of being frustrated, not have a run of games to show what I could do here, I would always have been like, 'I could have'. I would have been really disappointed.

If someone said tomorrow, 'You have to leave now,' I would be OK. At least I got the chance to show what I could do now.

On switching focus from Charlton to Arsenal:

I had a discussion with the boss at the beginning of the season. He said lets see how it goes until December and we will have another chat. I went on loan, I was thinking I might get a call because of injuries, and I got the green light to extend at Charlton. I thought let's focus on Charlton and see what happens in the winter break.


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