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The new Wenger with a signing before the window?

Posted by Gunner about 7 years ago · 0 replies

As many of you know, Wenger is more of a panic buy when it comes to the transfer market in recent years. Sure we may have gotten Xhaka early last season but we got down to panic buy players into our squad.

Not all our panic buys were terrible with the likes of Ozil, Perez, and Mustafi making the list. But you have to wonder, why we didn't sign anyone before we get to that point.

Wenger is capable of finding the talent but either finds the asking price too much, going for too many at once, or the player and/or club are not interested.

It is no wonder why we have such a big could have signed list. It contributes to how much we bottle getting the players we can get available but always fall short.

Wenger is now reconsidering his past failures and starting to attract players early. With Kolasinic coming, Wenger can now focus on another area and find the player to fight it.

It's going to be a big transfer window where Wenger needs to show more aggression than he ever has against Mourinho. We can still attract players with Europa League if it comes to that.


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