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I'm not a fan of getting Rugani at all. He is a great player to have but we already have Chambers and Holding trying to break into the first team. Rugani doesn't have EPL experience so he may struggle. Also, Chambers is working hard for his minutes and he spent a lot of time with us to get there. To get Rugani would just spit his progress back at his face.

Maycon from Corinthians looks like a Mislintant deal so I'm interested in him, Jonny Evans for 3 million would give us experience but is not to replace Chambers but to be more of a Mertesacker replacement, Bernd Leno I heard can be sold cheaply so maybe get him instead of Butland, and Meyer who is going to be free in the summer.

Getting Dembele would be great and will show how much Mislintant helped our club, especially since he got us Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang. Overall, we've got a lot of firepower in this market to make something happen. This year's transfer windows were to get rid of unhappy and deadwood players. In this one, let's get an overhaul of who we need to get some major silverware again.

Posted in 2018-2019 Summer Transfer Window

After that game, we showed Deeney that we had. Also, we had a lot of records that day which are as followed per team, player, and/or manager:

Cech is the first player to have reach 200 Premier League clean sheets. He also ended his run of not saving a Premier League penalty which lasted for over 6 years.

Ozil is the fastest player to reach 50 Premier League assist with 141 which breaks Eric Cantona's 143.

Wenger has managed his 700th win with Arsenal.

Mustafi scored Arsenal's 1000th goal in the Premier League. The only other team to do so was Manchester United.

Posted in 2017-18 PL MATCHDAY THREAD

To start off, we should push for a Cazorla-like player. That is why I want to get Max Meyer.

He's 22, shown great potential as a creative defensive midfielder, and (like Kolasinac) can come to Arsenal from Schalke for FREE.

Posted in 2018-2019 Summer Transfer Window

If Wenger is serious about getting Champions League football, then we need to go all out like Man Utd. did last season the way he benched a lot of their starters for the Europa League against us.

We can beat this struggling Milan side that is underperforming at the moment. We just need to have our a game on, get the ball, and F*CK*NG play a long ball for Aubameyang to counter with instead of showing off how good we are at short passing.

Aubameyang is being wasted. Arsenal Fan TV is making a lot of money right now which is bad since it means we have a fan base that gets consistently frustrated. Going down without a fight, and not caring at all is a big problem of why we are a joke.


Posted in Should we take the Europa League seriously?

By the look of how Ix Techau didn't even put in a profile picture for any of our winter signings shows that Ix Techau doesn't have a lot of time to do the Prediction game. If Ix Techau is reading this, just do before the next season and I'm sure we will be happy with that.

Posted in 2017-18 PL MATCHDAY THREAD

Keep wenger until we have a better replacement, he could give Bould more freedom tho.

Bould has about 6 years as an assistant manager. Maybe he could be the solution all along. He knows the Arsenal way, he knows the players and could do a good job. It's a risk but it could save us money.

Posted in Five reasons why Wenger's expiry date is long overdue

By the way, Ix Techau, how is that Prediction thing coming along? Will you be able to release it before next season?

Posted in 2017-18 PL MATCHDAY THREAD

In my opinion, we should get an overhaul of coaches like the NFL where they have all these different coaches for different positions. In this case, Arsenal will add an attacking coach in Henry, a midfield coach in Arteta, and a defensive coach in Bould.

I know it sounds far-fetched and expensive, but it could make it easier to sack Wenger with Wenger being a minimal part of the club. The fact that Wenger is losing power is a good thing and is needed in order to make our staff more expendable if they don't perform at the level they should be performing at.

Posted in Five reasons why Wenger's expiry date is long overdue

Very spot on. Although, if you don't like Wenger for what he's doing, then who should we replace him with?

Posted in Five reasons why Wenger's expiry date is long overdue

Wenger looks like he's taking it seriously with most of his starters starting against the Swedish team.

Posted in Should we take the Europa League seriously?