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Praxeum Slappin Da Bass Monn 1,141 pts

Thierry Henry backs up and clarifies his words on Olivier Giroud

Posted by Praxeum about 9 years ago · 1 replies

There's the Thierry we love:

Giroud needs help, I said what I said and people took it a bit the wrong way, but when we were winning the title, people were doing jobs when I needed a rest. Dennis Bergkamp, Sylvain Wiltord came in and scored a hat-trick, a goal at the end of the game, they were not always starters. I think [Arsenal] need another striker, but more with other characteristics to Giroud. I'm not saying to the guys leave - compete [instead]. The last ten years you don't finish in the top two, something has to be done.


Praxeum Slappin Da Bass Monn 1,141 pts
Posted about 9 years ago by Praxeum

However, in contrast...these were the original comments made, so he is backtracking a bit:

I'm afraid [Arsenal] need a top top quality striker, in order to win this league again. I think Giroud is doing extremely well, do you think you can win the league with him? He can do a job and he does it ever so well but you can't win the league.

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