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Wenger on why we should get rid of the January window

Posted by Ix Techau over 9 years ago · 0 replies

Dig at Sky Deadline Day:

I saw on television people who were a bit lost, jobless.

On the low activity and fairness:

I would just like to say that it shows that Financial Fair Play had an impact, for sure. We’ve seen seasons before, it was never such a low activity level across Europe. Basically nothing happened. It pushes even more an idea forward; let’s completely get rid of it. Let’s go from season to season with the same players.

On January window messing with squad setups:

It disturbs the cohesion of the groups within the season. When the players don’t play at the end of September and in October they already think, ‘maybe I’ll move in January.’ You know…You lose them. In our job it’s important that everybody is on board. I find the transfer window disturbs that.


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