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Wenger won't stop overplaying Sanchez until he tears his hamstring. What an idiot. took off Rosicky who hasn't played for months and kept Sanchez on who's totally knackered. If Sanchez gets injured it will be totally Wenger's fault.

Posted in Matchday Thread - Arsenal vs Queens Park Rangers - 26 Dec 2014

Wenger has always been clueless defensively. Just got lucky he inherited Graham's defence. Wenger is a fraud.

Posted in Gary Neville's tactical analysis of Liverpool vs Arsenal

Should've signed him in the summer. Wenger is an idiot. Every year he has this obsession of beating the odds, managing to succeed despite being understaffed, no depth, not enough quality. And every year he gets humiliated. An absolutely clueless, outdated manager.

Posted in Are there any realistic DM options in January?