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Squad as thin as a blade- no cover for CDM, LW,CAM,CM
Created almost 9 years ago · 4 comments

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that is one shit of a show.... back to arsenal ways. :(

Posted in Matchday Thread - West Bromwich Albion v Arsenal - 21 November 2015

even though i may not agree with wenger for certain aspects what happened today was literally all that was not football is supposed to be, gabriel was scratched by that animal called costa(it is disgrace for animals that i have called him so ) before that he slaps koscielny , chest-butts him i mean what is this ????

mourino may win as many trophies as he wants but honor is everything, let him go screw himself,

alteast it is good that city is not running away and has dropped points with hammers. now without coquelin and cazorla what will wenger do ?? hopefully coquelin will be alright, then ramsey- cm, RW - walcott, st-giroud ? or will campbell get a chance.. only time will reveal answers to these questions.

Go gunners!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted in Matchday Thread - Chelsea v Arsenal - 19 September 2015

Rosicky, wilshere,welbeck out until January, that leaves cazorla, Ramsey, ozil to fill up 2 positions. and not to mention right wing is empty without ramsey/ox. so on a whole we have 6 players worthy of starting for a top half epl team in 5 positions !!!!!!!!!!!!(CDM,CM,CAM,LW,RW) please don't tell me Arteta or flamini are starters. they ll not even start for leicester, for god's sake. if you dont call this thin i do not know what is !!!!!!! :(

Posted in Squad as thin as a blade- no cover for CDM, LW,CAM,CM