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I think the new formation is the last attempts of a desperate man to make some changes and save his job.

Posted in What do you think about the new formation 3-4-3 ???


Not unexpected either which makes it even worse.

Posted in Bayern vs Arsenal · Champions League · 15 Feb 2017 · 19:45

Looks good. Understated and splendid.

Posted in The Arsenal Apparel Society

Its like Celebdaq all over again (one for the kids there...)

Posted in New feature idea - Arsenal players stock exchange

Not looking like much will be happening...

Posted in Winter Transfer Window

I foresee a win... This is the year the UCL goes a bit smoother and we end the group on top.

Posted in Arsenal vs PSG · Champions League · 23 Nov 2016 · 19:45

This is the best news of the week.

Richly deserved for his greed. See ya Sam

Posted in FA and Allardyce mutually agree to terminate contract

For once I am coming into this match not dreading the worse.

3-0 to the good guys.

Posted in Arsenal vs Chelsea · Premier League · 24 Sep 2016 · 17:30

Any time I was on the homepage... cookie clean worked :)

Posted in Arghhh