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Bellerin promises not to be a Fabregas-sized cunt

Posted by Praxeum over 8 years ago · 2 replies

On being welcomed by Cesc:

I spoke to Cesc once I got here. He introduced me to the club, he welcomed me. He just told me that everything I need at the club would be here for me. He is such a professional guy, at that time he was an Arsenal player, so obviously he said all good things about the club. As a guy, he was really happy here. With his help, and the help from the club, I had such a good welcome and they made me feel at home.

On whether he has ambitions to play for Barca:

I think that’s a wrong thought because if I wanted to be at Barcelona I would have stayed there. My challenge was to come to England and I came here with everything. I came here to stay and to cement my place in the first team, and be here for four more years.

If I wanted to have played for Barcelona in the future, I would have just stayed there and made my way there. I made that decision when I was young to come over here and I’m not thinking about my future, I’m just thinking about playing for Arsenal and doing well.

On coming to Arsenal:

Barcelona tried to keep me. I was about to sign an agreement, we were in talks, when Arsenal told me they were interested in me. We spoke about everything and I told the people at Barcelona I didn't want to sign a contract, and I wanted to come over here.

On where he would be if he stayed at Barca:

If I stayed there, I don’t know what I would have been. Some of my old team-mates play in the second division and they will probably get relegated. So being here, and playing in the Premier League and Champions League, I’m really happy I made that step.

On rising through the ranks:

I was thinking probably to get another loan or something, but then after a few friendlies in pre-season the boss wanted me to stay. I knew that wherever I was going to be I was going to try to fight for a spot to play. Because of injuries, the boss gave me the chance. I think I took it. I showed I could play and the boss has been really happy for me to play. He threw me in some big games as well. I am really pleased for that.

If they had told me at the beginning of the season it would turn out like this, I wouldn't have believed it. It has been a great season for me, personally. The second part of the season we showed great character, great progress from last year, and we need to keep going like that.