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i am not really impressed with the signing that we have done, most of the players are just above average not really WORLD CLASS like Ozil or Sanchez. I will wait for the season to pans out. BTW any news on who is AW doing to manage?

Posted in 2018-2019 Summer Transfer Window

OneARSENEWENGER #NoArseneNoArsenal..

Posted in Five reasons why Wenger's expiry date is long overdue

INWENGERWETRUST! Sad day..Cant stop crying...

Posted in END OF AN ERA!!!

CL Group A is definitely jinxed!!!If you finish top of the group, play Bayern... If you finish second, play Barca...

Jinxed or Fixed... I say its fixed.

Posted in Arsenal's fate at Champions League!!!

Pogba is hundred percent not overrated. All you have to do is watch him play 90 mins to see how good of a footballer he is, not really his fault that the team around him and his manager is tragic

Indeed Pogba is playing with Donkeys around him. He would have been a better fit at AFC.

Posted in Alexis & Ozil - Its complicated!!!

Why no talks of Lukaku?? He would be a better addition than most of the strikers we have been linked with

Posted in The almighty 2016-2017 summer transfer window thread

Gibbs leaving, Nacho's 31 next year, would make sense

Who says Gibbs is leaving?

Posted in The almighty 2016-2017 summer transfer window thread

Well we are short in CAM, but Gotze might be overkill. Ozil has that position locked down, and unless we suffer some freak injury Gotze will be spending most games on the bench.

True that, besides JW and Rambo want that position desperately. We have CAM role covered.

Lord can we clone Alexis and make him bit taller please..if not find a suitable replacement.

Posted in The almighty 2016-2017 summer transfer window thread

This thread is a great example of short-term memory.Worth remembering that Ox has never had a consistent run in the starting XI. Either he's been on the bench, or he's been experimented with position-wise. If he got the same opportunity Joel Campbell got this season (consistently playing in your favoured position for a good run of games), he'd probably gain confidence -> form -> fortune.

Joel's favored position is that of a central striker his statement "Well, I’m happy playing in any position. I can play centrally, but I feel comfortable on the right too and I just try to do the best job I can,” Campbell told Arsenal’s website. Link

As a matter of fact Ox has had more game time than Joel. Ox has been poor because he tries to be over clever and ends up delivering nothing. He needs to calm down and get back to basics release the ball ASAP than holding it for too long.

Posted in Match Day: Liverpool vs Arsenal

We should have held the match at 3-2, fucking subs were good for nothing. Ox, Arteta were awefull. Theo was poor i hope Alexis put him on bench for rest of the season. Joel once again proved his quality once again.

Posted in Match Day: Liverpool vs Arsenal