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Alex 1,403 pts

Log out bug

Posted by Alex over 8 years ago · 4 replies

The site keeps logging me out. I think it does it even if I check the "Remember me" option. Anyone else experiencing this?

Perhaps the cookie should never expire. I don't mind being kept logged in, not like it's an online banking app!


Alex 1,403 pts
Posted over 8 years ago by Alex

Hmm don't think so. I haven't manually cleared cookies on my browser for a long while and it happens to me on both mobile Safari and desktop Chrome. I wonder if there's a Devise option to keep the user permanently logged in?

Seano 568 pts
Posted over 8 years ago by Seano

On a new browser session I always have to actively press "Log In" even with remember me selected. I don't know if that's a bug or just SOP

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