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MiniManager v3 - new features, beta testing and lols

Posted by Ix Techau over 6 years ago · 43 replies

Time once again for a new MiniManager. This summer we'll be changing things up and trying a different approach to further gamify the platform and make it more fun to play over a longer period of time. This means there are going to be huge changes and improvements. Here's a few (details further down):

  • You will no longer pick players before every game
  • You will no longer be tied to a specific club
  • You will no longer get promoted/relegated in the league system

So what does all that mean, exactly?

You will no longer pick players before every game

This is by far the biggest change. We are simplifying the process and removing the line-up. All players in your deck are now scored. I can hear you thinking so it's now a competition for 'who has the most players', but's all down to averages and energy levels. Every night the system checks if any of your players have played a game, and if so you are given an average score of all players who played the previous day (and their energy goes down one notch, as usual).

For example: three of your players were involved in a game. They received 620, 781 and 744 points, respectively. So in the morning you're given 715 points (the average of those points). Every morning the system assign points, so MiniManager will become more of a daily activity.

The thing with averages is that it doesn't matter how many players you have, you can still rack up good points. And yes, having hundreds of players obviously means you're more likely to score points at any given night...but that's where the new energy system comes in.

The only way to gain energy back is to train your players. The maximum number of players you can train at the same time is having hundreds of players might be good for a very short period, but then you'll actually struggle to keep them all available for scoring.

You will no longer be tied to a specific club

Probably a bummer for many of you who played MiniManager from the MiniWenger days, but the concept of clubs will be gone. Instead, the system deck will be filled with players from clubs all over the world. This allows you to build a mixed team instead, which should make it more fun in the long run.

You will no longer get promoted/relegated in the league system

Promotion and relegation was a cool concept, but very hard to maintain and communicate to the users. The new system is a weekly buy-in system where you can join any league you want, wagering credits or cards to participate. Lower leagues may only cost a few credits, whereas super leagues may ask you to wager thousands of credits.

These leagues run in weekly cycles and winners are calculated every Friday. Winner of the league gets a huge portion of the pot for that league, runner-up gets a smaller portion, and so on. You'll be able to join multiple leagues for the week, since it's a buy-in.

That's the basic plan right now. Some questions I know will get asked:

Will I keep all my current cards?
No. Simply because many of the current players won't be in the new deck, especially the fringe players. However, you will be handsomely compensated for the cards you had previously. You won't start over from scratch. It is a brand new system, so unfortunately it's not realistic for everyone to keep the cards they have now.

Will I have to create a new account?
No. You may have to reset your password, but that's it.

You are pretty, and not fat at all
That's not a question, but go on...

Release date?
Not decided yet, but likely summer 2016. We're in development and it's a huge change from the previous version.

Do we still get Friday cards? Yes.

Beta testing?
Soon. If you are interested in helping out, please say so in the comments section.

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