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Praxeum Slappin Da Bass Monn 1,141 pts

Reports in Italy: Inter has offered €2m loan fee + €6m buyout for Podolski

Posted by Praxeum over 9 years ago · 7 replies

Translates into £6.27m for a World Cup winning (hrm) 29-year old striker. Would probably end up scoring goals for fun. I assume the deal also means Inter will take over his wages, which, if around £90k/week, means around £2m in further saved cash. We'd "make" around £8m on the deal in total.

Downside is obviously that Podolski is arguably the most clinical finisher we have. But with Joel Campbell needing playing time, and Walcott coming back...will Podolski realistically get the ten-game run he previously requested?


Ix Techau Evil Mastermind 14,278 pts
Posted over 9 years ago by Ix Techau

New quotes from Podolski on the subject of not playing:

I am not 20 or 21 years old, I can not afford to wait for a chance. I’m 29, and I want to play. What more can I do than what I’m already doing? I scored two goals in the Champions League and ended up on the bench right away. I do not know what else I have yet to prove. In the coming days I will speak with the club. I have to understand their intentions towards me. Arsene Wenger is not blind, he sees what I can give.

On the rumours about Inter:

There is nothing certain. First I have to figure out what [Wenger] wants to do with me at Arsenal.

Ix Techau Evil Mastermind 14,278 pts
Posted over 9 years ago by Ix Techau

Wenger about the recent speculation about Podolski to Inter:

They [just] talk. Podolski is a player of Arsenal football club and I want him to stay. Apart from that, what is to be professional is that as long as you are somewhere, you give your best to justify your wages and your love for the club. I hope that he will still be an Arsenal player at the end of January. Inter? That is a joke. Inter is not serious

What Mancini said:

Podolski is part of a list of players that we are following, so we will see what will come of it.

Praxeum Slappin Da Bass Monn 1,141 pts
Posted over 9 years ago by Praxeum

Wenger today confirmed a more serious offer from Inter:

The first proposal was farcical, after they came back a bit more serious, then we will see what happens now.

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