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VA10 Football God 4,806 pts

Static Front line

Posted by VA10 over 8 years ago · 1 replies

I want to talk about our offense in terms of how dynamic they are. I was watching our game last night and it seems we're static. If you look at Ozil's stats as well, he had like 53 passes in the final third. Is this one of the more static front lines we've ever had?


Ix Techau Evil Mastermind 14,278 pts
Posted over 8 years ago by Ix Techau

53 passes in the final third is an immense number of passes for that zone. But yes, I agree that we looked stationary at times, everyone looking at the ball instead of moving into positions. Easy for this to happen when playing against a defensively solid team like Liverpool who presses very well and use almost every player in defensive play.

Problem with Sanchez is that he always wants to be involved in play, so he seeks the ball instead of letting the ball seek him. He run towards the ball instead of moving into position and running down channels. Which is for the most part a good quality, but against teams like Liverpool it creates congestion. How many times did Özil and Sanchez nearly run into each other?

I have no problem with Giroud being somewhat stationary, he is a target man after all. He is supposed to play with his back to the goal and do flicks and shit. He's not a poacher, so wouldn't expect him to move diagonally across the opposition d-line.

So in my opinion, Sanchez need to learn when to trust his creative midfielders. Both Ramsey and Özil are fully capable of serving you a nice through ball, Alexis. Just let them.

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