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Wenger talks about Calum Chambers "hitting the wall"

Posted by Ix Techau over 9 years ago · 2 replies

From The Guardian:

For a 19-year-old player, he has played too many games. They all hit the wall after 15-17 games. You have to give them a breather, refresh and get them back again. At the moment, to have that responsibility in every single game is a lot on a player of that age.

I put Debuchy in [at centre-back], first of all, because he is good in the air. At Stoke, we suffered in the air. He is a defender of experience and the experience, sometimes in just one movement, can make a difference. And the defensive responsibility is a bit less on the flank.

Maybe [the players] do [communicate] but it doesn’t look like that when you look at the pictures. It’s important to have someone organising. You want somebody to take the leadership there.

- Wenger


upmyarse 10 pts
Posted over 9 years ago by upmyarse

I wonder what the boss saw in Calum Chambers that he didn't see in Carl Jenkinson, despite the three year difference in age. I wonder if Chambers will end up at center half.

I'm not trying to knock Chambers. Just wondering, because I liked what I saw from Jenkinson.

Ix Techau Evil Mastermind 14,278 pts
Posted over 9 years ago by Ix Techau

I wonder what the boss saw in Calum Chambers that he didn't see in Carl Jenkinson

I think Jenkinson had reached a stage in his career where he was in need of regular first team football to go to the next level. It's not that Wenger saw Chambers as the better option, but rather that Chambers needs to become part of the Arsenal set up, learn our ways and so on.

I definitely see Chambers as a future CB, he was excellent there at the start of the season.

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