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I'm so disappointed i can;t put my thoughts together... Ramsey must be sold, he doesn't have a place in this team or must not be allowed to cross the half way line. He can not control the game like Santi, he is too soft, too preoccupied with going forward and scoring goals and never has the strength to get back. Flamini is going any way, no need to mention him. Ozil can not play without support behind, i mean proper DM and a box to box player. You shouldn't ask Ozil run like a donkey, it;s not his game. Chelsea walked over us coz basically we did not have midfield. Theo plays only when he is suppose to sign new deal... AW should start the Ox instead of Campbell..Azpilicueta can't handle him, but he killed Campbell. No need to curse Costa, that's his game..we all know that.

Posted in Matchday Thread - Arsenal vs Chelsea- 24 January 2016

Personally very scared of this game... I hope we take it's gonna be a tough one.

Posted in Matchday Thread - Arsenal v Everton - 24 October 2015

I agree with you 100% Yes, but we play at the Emirates. I believe, we should try put them under pressure.

Posted in Matchday Thread - Arsenal v Man Utd - 4 October 2015

If we play like the first 35 mins against Man Utd, no1 can stop us. Not even Munich...

Posted in Matchday Thread - Arsenal v Man Utd - 4 October 2015

Arteta can NOT play DM role. He can't play any role in this team any more... Flamini is a big risk playing. We urgently need a back up for Le Coq, who is not unbreakable... I personally like Joel, but he is not suitable for the speed style we play lately, which is the style we must be playing !!! The OX is way better alternative, in cases even better than Ramsey... And we should pray, Theo, Ozil or Alexis don't get injured

Posted in 2015-2016 January transfer window thread

Totally agree...the team is mentally week...

Posted in Matchday Thread - Arsenal v Man Utd - 4 October 2015

They are way over rated. We can kill them, Theo and Sanchez like up perfectly. They don't have defenders that can much us up for speed. But we must be strong and wise at the back...without Kos it could be a problem

Posted in Matchday Thread - Arsenal v Man Utd - 4 October 2015

Icardi is the best choice...We won't be able to get Lewa, but Icardi is realistic. We badly need DM, big one, I'd say Victor Wanyama or William Carvalho... I guess AW won't go for any of them, keeping Flamini and Arteta in the team for 1 more year, but if we really wanna be competitive and finally win the PL we need a big man in the middle.

Posted in 2015-2016 January transfer window thread

The actual fight starts now...we must show character and win this game. Enough excuses...

Posted in Matchday Thread - Leicester v Arsenal - 26 September 2015

I hope/pray finally Arsen realise that size actually matters. Enough midgets and girls... I was afraid the game would be decided not by football skills...specifically with that reff/fagot. I'm proud Gabriel is a gunner.

Posted in Matchday Thread - Chelsea v Arsenal - 19 September 2015