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VA10 Football God 4,806 pts
Posted almost 9 years ago by VA10

We won't spend half of that and I agree with it. We don't have someone who'll bail us out if things don't work out. A lot will depend on our returning players. Jack and Welbeck particularly. I think we'll be in a strong position come January.

Morleys Mesut Özil > You and your mum, chief 4,431 pts
Posted almost 9 years ago by Morleys

We're not going to sign anyone because obviously no players are available and even if they are they aren't better than our strongest XI, obviously

Angelo 55 pts
Posted almost 9 years ago by Angelo

Icardi is the best choice...We won't be able to get Lewa, but Icardi is realistic. We badly need DM, big one, I'd say Victor Wanyama or William Carvalho... I guess AW won't go for any of them, keeping Flamini and Arteta in the team for 1 more year, but if we really wanna be competitive and finally win the PL we need a big man in the middle.

poodris 2,818 pts
Posted almost 9 years ago by poodris

Pretty much any defensive midfielder from the portugese league would be a good buy. That league manufactures great dms.

VA10 Football God 4,806 pts
Posted almost 9 years ago by VA10

Inter are on the way up and they won't sell Icardi. We should try Lewadowski. I want him for so long now, he's the closest typical center forward to what RVP was during his peak. He'll surpass him in a year or two as well.

AWassist 1,487 pts
Posted almost 9 years ago by AWassist

Cheeky £70m Pogba bid?Cheeky £30m Lacazette bid?Cheeky £30m Higuain or Icardi bid?

Would you be able to land Pogba for in winter for that amount of money? Besides that it would mean increasing wages of AW and contract renewal ! You don't want LOL Grove and Tim Pity-ion to die of heart attack or do you?

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