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I lost few years of my life and half hair after this game. TradeMark Arsenal season start.

A win's a win. Even if we won by a thread. We can't always have one-sided wins, and that's what makes you sit at the edge of your seat, screaming for your team. That's the name of the game mate.

Let's keep the faith going for the team. COYG.

Posted in 2017-18 PL MATCHDAY THREAD

We've displayed excessive-prudence with new buys (in the past), but poor follow-up with being strict with the boys we've retained and believed to have potential in, which resulted in where we are now.

And the fact that we've yet to get existing players sign new contracts is making fans feel uneasy.

"New Season, similar problem"

Get Lemar across the line.

Posted in 2017-2018 Summer Transfer Window