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We may also look into the players who will be free this summer, to add some much needed experience and leadership to the side.. How about Yaya Toure & De Rossi to bolster our midfield?Ending Contracts

Yep, De Rossi would do a great job and he is more mobile that Yaya Toure.

Posted in 2017-2018 Summer Transfer Window

No one can replace Santi. Let's just use our squard and see who can do well in that position, by not comparing with Santi. That guy is on his own level.

When our midfielders get a chance in the box or in a good position to shoot on their week foot, they hesitate and end up passing the ball around. Ramsey, Ozil, and Coquelin to name a few. Santi is strong both feet.

Posted in Why we should resign Isaac Hayden to replace Cazorla

My only question is...WTF did he say?? Why isnt that on the alleged news??

Are you based in Pretoria, South Africa?

Posted in Granit Xhaka: Arsenal player questioned over racial abuse allegation