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Gunner 75 pts

Why we should resign Isaac Hayden to replace Cazorla

Posted by Gunner about 1 month ago · 11 replies

1) He has good passing and dribbling skills to play as a deep play maker. 2) Has better defensive skills than Santi and Wilshere. 3) He isn't injury prone like Wilshere or Santi. In fact, he never got an injury since he signed for Arsenal 4)At 21, he can be good long time replacement for Santi 5) Doing very well with Newcastle who, at the moment, are second in the Championship 6) Could possible the actual replacement for Patrick Viera


Gunner 75 pts
Posted about 1 month ago by Gunner

He can help encourage more youngsters to try to get into the first team.

U wot
u wot m9
LuyandaMP 10 pts
Posted 25 days ago by LuyandaMP

No one can replace Santi. Let's just use our squard and see who can do well in that position, by not comparing with Santi. That guy is on his own level.

When our midfielders get a chance in the box or in a good position to shoot on their week foot, they hesitate and end up passing the ball around. Ramsey, Ozil, and Coquelin to name a few. Santi is strong both feet.

THE POLICE 1,109 pts
Posted 19 days ago by THE POLICE

after looking at his performance against Southampton (also against Milan & Bayern earlier), Ox could be a possible (the best) replacement for Cazorla!!!

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