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2014: The year in Arsenal injuries

Posted by Ix Techau over 9 years ago · 3 replies

It's that time of the year again. Buckle up. Our injury tracking didn't start properly until August 2013, so all season comparisons can only be made from August 1st - December 31st. This summer we'll be able to do a full season comparison.

Injury count
Arsenal sustained a total of 78 first team injuries in 2014 (January 1st - December 31st).

In the comparable period between August 1st - December 31st, Arsenal sustained 44 injuries in 2014, and 35 in 2013. This means we've had 25.7% more injuries in the league this season compared to last season in the same period.

Injury lengths
So far due to the 44 injuries sustained between Aug-Dec, Arsenal have lost a total of 1,037 days. That means the equivalent of 2.84 years lost in man hours so far in the 2014-2015 season.

Injury types
Of the 44 injuries sustained between Aug-Dec 2014:

  • 27.2% (12/44) were strains (20% last season)
  • 13.6% (6/44) were hamstrings (14.3% last season)
  • 20.4% (9/44) were ankle injuries (8.5% last season)
  • 13.6% (6/44) were knee injuries (8.5% last season)

Monthly breakdown
Some of these injuries are still active, so days lost will be increased over time.

  • August 2014: 8 injuries resulting in 221 days lost
  • September 2014: 8 injuries resulting in 160 days lost
  • October 2014: 9 injuries resulting in 277 days lost
  • November 2014: 10 injuries resulting in 147 days lost
  • December 2014: 9 injuries resulting in 130 days lost
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