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Arsenal's net spend in last two seasons is four times higher than all previous seasons combined

Posted by Ix Techau over 7 years ago · 2 replies

Did some calculations today after the Gabriel Paulista deal was wrapped up (seems like the initial fee will land at €15m/£11.2m). It turns out that our net spend in the last two seasons combined is more than four times higher than all previous seasons combined since Wenger came to Arsenal in 1996.

1996-2013: £23.4m net spend
2013-2015: £101m net spend

In the last four seasons Arsenal have spent a total of £221m on initial fees, which is almost three times more than we spent in the four seasons before that (£82m).

Also, this season breaks all our transfer records. So far we've spent £88.1m on initial fees this season, with a net spend of £67m. The previous spending record was 2011-2012 when Wenger bought players for £48m. Previous net spend record was last season (£34.3m).

Safe to say the rainy days are over in terms of cash.


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