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Patron Experiences frequent chest pains from watching Arsenal 5 pts
Posted about 9 years ago by Patron

Hmmm, I think that'll be a bit difficult to do with this format. Just my opinion.

Ix Techau Evil Mastermind 14,278 pts
Posted about 9 years ago by Ix Techau

Actually there's a cool idea in here somewhere. For example, we could have a predictor type thing that people can do on their profiles. You fill in W/D/L for every game of the season and get points (and achievements) for correct predictions. Can also do stuff like predicting our top scorer, etc.

Ix Techau Evil Mastermind 14,278 pts
Posted about 9 years ago by Ix Techau

Ok let's discuss it then. I imagine it working something like this:

  1. In your settings you can view a list of all upcoming fixtures for the season.

  2. For every one of these fixtures, you have three options: Win, Draw or Loss.

  3. Once a fixture has been played it's updated, and you get 1 point if your prediction is correct.

  4. We can now assign achievement badges for things like highest accuracy, number of predictions, etc. Can also show a leaderboard on the site, prediction rate on people's profiles, and so on.

Does that sound reasonable?

VA10 Football God 4,806 pts
Posted almost 9 years ago by VA10

I'm not giving up on this. You people have no souls how can you not gamble?

I'm going for a decent acca tonight

  • Wolfsburg under 2.5 goals
  • Fiorentina over 2.5 goals
  • Dnipro BTTS hells yeah
  • Sevillia to win


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