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GOAT 185 pts

Hi Ix, how do you un-upvote a post?

Posted by GOAT about 5 years ago · 6 replies

Accidentally upvoted a post. Don't know how to undo it.


GOAT 185 pts
Posted about 5 years ago by GOAT

It was an accident. Like how I accidentally +2 your comment.

GOAT 185 pts
Posted about 5 years ago by GOAT

Well, if you accidentally kill someone you're still going to jail.

Arsenal Report - where mistakes are not respected.

Not if you're rich, white and in the USA

Do one
Ix Techau Evil Mastermind 14,276 pts
Posted about 5 years ago by Ix Techau

Not if you're rich, white and in the USA

Well...not to become too political, but the US legal system is not meant to put people in jail, it's meant to keep people out of it. Any chance a judge has to give probation and rehabilitation instead of imprisonment is a win-win for everyone. By not going to prison for 20 years he saves the state a lot of money, and he still got 10 years probation which means that if he even gets a parking ticket before his 27th birthday he is fucked.

Being rich doesn't get you out of trouble, but it does sometimes result in not serving the same sentence as someone else for the same crime, which again is correct because every case should be judged on its own merit.

Being white has little to do with it.

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