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L'Equipe claims Arsenal will sign Moussa Sissoko for £15m

Posted by Ix Techau almost 7 years ago · 3 replies

French paper claims we have opened talks with Newcastle over the signing of FM legend Moussa Sissoko. He played as a DM at Toulouse, but has been more attacking since joining the barcodes.

The worry is that not only has he had a mediocre season, he's also hard to position in a team. His preferred position seems to be mood-based, as he spends some games sniffing at the edge of the opposition box, and then the next game staying back and trying to control the game from midfield.

He's like a non-injured Diaby, essentially.


Ix Techau Evil Mastermind 14,276 pts
Posted almost 7 years ago by Ix Techau

Here's a little comparison between Sissoko (S), Ramsey (R) and Flamini (F):

Tackles per game
S: 1.1
R: 1.9
F: 2.6

Interceptions per game
S: 0.6
R: 1.2
F: 2.9

Fouls per game (fewer is better)
S: 1.6
R: 0.9
F: 1.2

Shots per game
S: 1.1
R: 2.6
F: 0.3

Key passes per game
S: 1.2
R: 2.0
F: 0.3

Dribbles per game
S: 2.2
R: 0.4
F: 0.1

Dispossessions per game (fewer is better)
S: 1.6
R: 1.3
F: 0.7

Bad touches per game (fewer is better)
S: 1.9
R: 1.6
F: 0.2

Average pass completion
S: 79.2%
R: 85.3%
F: 91.7%

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