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Gunner Gunners fire long distance screamers at people 5,132 pts

Per deserves one more year!!

Posted by Gunner almost 7 years ago · 2 replies

Today, Mertesacker played well against favorites Chelsea from completing the double. Our captain made many defensive efforts to only concede one goal at the end. If we have gotten rid of him, we would have been dead out there.

He should stay (which he is) one more year because he offers more than just depth but also leadership, experience, and advice which is what young players like Rob Holding need.

Rob even had an interview with Mertesacker about what his advice is. He's a leader and getting rid of one too soon will be dreadful for the club.


THE POLICE Arsenal Forever!!! 4,636 pts
Posted almost 7 years ago by THE POLICE

BFG stay at the club for a reason and its much more than on-field efforts... He has proved everyone wrong by lifting FA cup against PL Champions...

Do one

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