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Santi Cazorla leaves Arsenal after six years

Posted in 2018-2019 Summer Transfer Window

We are getting Emery!?!?!? What the heck. We were supposed to get some young manager like Vieira or Arteta, but we get this guy who doesn't do well in the Champions League? Come on. We deserve better than this.

We need to qualify for the Champions League first, for that we need a smart coach... Emery being a decent choice.. But he makes no noise with the board, that's the main reason they chose him..

Posted in END OF AN ERA!!!

Can the players get sacked than Manager???

Posted in Should we take the Europa League seriously?

Well well, he’s finally pulled the plug. We all wanted this, yet it still feels bad man

We all wanted???

We all know the end was coming... But it feels very bad for all the disrespect shown towards him... He deserves much credit for being Arsenal man so far...

Now some crazy people will be more happy to see Arsene's back... RIP to all those!!!


Posted in Five reasons why Wenger's expiry date is long overdue

I prefer Europa League than a hat trick..

Posted in Should we take the Europa League seriously?

you seriously mean Fellaini and Luke Shaw??? Kepa has rejected Real Madrid to stay back, and why does he leave for Arsenal???

Ofcourse we have some cheap options and bargains available... but we need some quality strong players, rather just numbers...

Posted in 2018-2019 Summer Transfer Window

Signing Dembele from Barca is just a myth... Evans will be cheaper option and as direct replacement of Mertesacker, hope he won't be another Silvestre/Squillaci kind of signing...

Won't be surprised if we have a quiet summer, after huge spending in last two transfers...

Posted in 2018-2019 Summer Transfer Window

Auba & Laca can play together and form a deadly attacking duo!!!

Posted in Ix Techau Karma Strikes Back

Guardiola might be laughing now!!!

Posted in Alexis & Ozil - Its complicated!!!

Ofcourse we need to find a way to accommodate both of them in the starting lineup, that would be a terrific attacking lineup with Ozil & Mikha supplementing these two..

But if we need to play this lineup, we need some strong players in the midfield and backline... We need strong holding midfielders instead of Xhaka or Elneny.. Wilshere will do good at the middle (if stays fit) and Ramsey will be handy too, at many occasions..

Similarly a strong centreback is must to bolster our inconsistent backline... with current situation, its most likely Auba will start in the PL and Laca will play in the cup games and as super-sub (or rotated with Iwobi) in PL.. we expect a good summer transfer just like the January one, in order to fill those missing links and let our exciting attacking lineup fire all the cylinders next season!!!

Posted in 2017-18 PL MATCHDAY THREAD