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With a gutless fraud as manager, the spinal fortitude will never come.

that's too much blame on Wenger though..

Posted in Bayern vs Arsenal · Champions League · 15 Feb 2017 · 19:45

Hilarious that anyone actually predicted anything other than a Bayern win.

We believe in miracles.. but it never happen with Arsenal most of the time...

Posted in Bayern vs Arsenal · Champions League · 15 Feb 2017 · 19:45

mostly he will end up at Barca or PSG next season...

Posted in "I'll carry on here or elsewhere"

More power to him, but he is as much to blame as anyone else for arsenals failure in the past decade.

sacking him will not resolve all the problems around the club.. the players have let him and the club down..

Posted in "I'll carry on here or elsewhere"

Replacing Wenger will not solve all the problems.. we need an players & backroom staff overhaul as well...

Posted in New Manager

Its the players again and again letting him and the club down... there are many players carried away by Wenger's unreasonable trust on them though they have more bad days than good...

Posted in New Manager

but we can always have our Arsenal way of unpredictable game even against minnows...

Posted in Sutton Utd vs Arsenal · FA Cup · 20 Feb 2017 · 19:55

Do commentators really spend 10x more time talking about handball (butchering the rules) in this game, then they spend on Alonso chopping Bellerin head vs Chelsea?

So called media pundits won't talk nasty on the media biased soon-to-be winners...

Posted in Arsenal vs Hull · Premier League · 11 Feb 2017 · 12:30

I don't think Ozil will be dropped or rested.. with the midfield crisis we have at the moment..

Posted in Bayern vs Arsenal · Champions League · 15 Feb 2017 · 19:45

Mostly Arsene will leave after confirming CL spot this season...

Posted in New Manager