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Raising the bar

Posted by TopTopQuality about 7 years ago · 1 replies

Sanchez said he's disappointed to only finish 3rd and win the FA Cup this season. Does it sound like he wishes he hadn't left Barca and won the treble, was holding that CL Cup instead of Suarez? Probably, but who can blame him.

But it really shows how mediocrity, loser mentality has become part of Arsenal psyche. When a new guy comes along and says that.

He aspires to things that most Arsenal players don't dare to dream about.

All players have been raving how Alexis gives his all in training and leads everyone by example. And we can see it on the pitch too.

He's really raised the bar.

I hope we sign Zlatan and Cech. The bar will be set so high, we'll be destined to succeed. We'll have no right not to win the league.


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