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Wilshere believes Santi Cazorla is the best player at Arsenal

I respect Wilshere more now, at least he has a brain, unlike many Arsenal fans. He knows Ozil is nowhere near as good as Cazorla.

Posted in My beloved Cazorla <3

Also notice how much better Arsenal are playing without Ozil.

Posted in My beloved Cazorla <3

Cazorla is a very good player, no doubt about it.. but this guy 'TopTopQuality' argues as though he's the world leader in the midfield...

I'm not trying to say he's the best in the world.

I'm just outraged that so many Arsenal fans take him for granted and don't appreciate and value him as they should.

And to suggest that some shit heads like Ramsey and Wilshere are anywhere near as good as Cazorla is a sign that a lot of Arsenal fans are total morons

Posted in My beloved Cazorla <3

He was never as good as Iniesta at any point in his career.

That's your opinion. Shallow minds judge players only by the titles they win. I look at the quality of the player.

Posted in My beloved Cazorla <3

Arsenal play so much better without Ozil

Posted in Arsenal vs Crystal Palace · Premier League · 01 Jan 2017 · 16:00

Overall I think Cazorla majorly underachieved in his career. Quality wise he's on par with Iniesta. But will likely never win a league title or the champions league.

Real Madrid wanted to sign him back when he was in Spain, but he turned them down. That was a mistake from him. Now he only has 2 FA Cups vs Hull and Aston villa

Posted in My beloved Cazorla <3

We miss Mustafi more than Cazorla.. Kos -Mus partnership was rock solid!!!We were unbeaten with him in the lineup.. when he's not, we lost the lead and the games...

Oh, is that the reason why we had just ONE shot on target against Man City?

Sure, Mustafi would've fixed that.

Posted in My beloved Cazorla <3

here he comes again..... in so much love with Cazorla !!!I don't see his name here

Wow, that's so ungrateful of you. Through all the years when we only had Giroud the lamp post and Sonogo the donkey up front, Flamini and Ramsey in midfield, Cazorla was literrally carrying the whole team by himself.

Arsenal win percentage with Cazorla starting since Aug 2013 - 66%. Without Cazorla 44%

You're absolutely disgusting.

Posted in My beloved Cazorla <3

Without Cazorla Arsenal are nothing. One man team.

Posted in My beloved Cazorla <3

I still can't believe that Sanchez is playing for Arsenal. I thought players of such calibre would never come to Arsenal. It's an absolute joy to watch him play.

I was really pissed off about Wenger not signing Luis Suarez when he could, but Sanchez is on par with Suarez, so it's ok.

Posted in Alexis playing centrally