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Wow, ok, say no more.

I would normally argue with almost anyone. But you leave me speechless, I actually feel sorry for you. You're bending reality in your head to suit your delusion. You need counselling, you have issues.

Anyway, I hope Ozil's injury is serious and he doesn't play any more games, so that Arsenal can continue playing well without that useless muppet.

Posted in Buying Ozil was a mistake

We played better because we actually had our strongest defense on the pitch.

LOL did our strongest defence create all those chances? You're delusional and clutching for straws.

Crediting a better attacking display to a stronger defence is an all time low for Ozil lovers.

You blatantly ignore the creative impact that Ozil provides to our defense. He is always in the list of most chances created in the whole league.

Yeah, all those chances he creates that result in zero shots. The chances created stat is deceptive, because even shit chances are included which aren't chances at all. And most of Ozil's chances created are shit.

As I said before, Ramsey is a much better number ten than that fraud Ozil

Posted in Buying Ozil was a mistake

Today Arsenal played so much better without Ozil the fraud.

In a tough away game Arsenal actually looked better than Chelsea and created several good chances. Shame about the conversion.

People who rate Ozil should be lined up and shot dead.

Ozil is a total disgrace and a waste of space. I hope he fucks off in the winter transfer window because waiting for the next summer is too long.

Posted in Buying Ozil was a mistake

I think Ix keep you here like Jester, but you ain't doing the job well, pls be more creative.

So, when you have nothing of substance to say, you try to belittle me calling me jester? That's a well-known tactic of religious lunatics - when they talk to scientists or just people with a brain, they try to divert the conversation from logic and reason and turn it into an angry row. Who needs logic and evidence, that stuff is for pussies.

Posted in Alexis deserves better than Arsenal

No player is BIGGER than ARSENAL!!!

Alexis is WAAAAY bigger than Arsenal. Because he's a winner and a fighter. He's got ambition and hunger.

Arsenal are currently a bunch of losers who don't care about winning. The football used to be good. But since that cunt Ozil arrived it's been UNBEARABLE.

Also Arsenal have a third grade manager who's gone senile. And the owner doesn't give a fuck about "soccer".

Posted in Alexis deserves better than Arsenal

Once again, I was proven right.

The reasons why bandwagoners call him world class:

  1. He used to play for real Madrid

  2. He plays for Germany.

And apparently that's enough to be called world class

By now every sane person has understood that he's a fraud, a total waste of space. As Gerard rightly said, with him in the team you're a man down.

Posted in Buying Ozil was a mistake

So, Alexis is going to waste another year of his prime at Arsenal. I really feel sorry for him. What a waste of talent

Posted in Alexis deserves better than Arsenal

There were zero speculations about Ozil, no one wants him? Or he already made a deal for January.

Who the hell would pay money for that fraud?! He's a total waste of space, he wouldn't get into any of the top 6 teams in PL

Posted in 2017-2018 Summer Transfer Window

The reasons why he signed another contract are

1) he wants to become a "legend"as the longest serving manager is PL history. His record is unlikely ever to be exceeded

2) He's a coward who's got no life outside of football. He's afraid that if he quits, his life well turn meaningless. So he's clinging on. Football seems to be the only thing giving him purpose in life.

3) he wants more money ££££

4) he considers Arsenal to be his own creation. So he thinks it's his right to stay for as long as he wants

Posted in Wenger is finished