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Rob Holding the future of Arsenal??

Posted by Gunner about 1 year ago · 3 replies

For the past two games, I saw Holding playing very well warming up with Middlesborough and a strong attacking team, Manchester City. Given how he was able to play due to the fact Mustafi got injured on his birthday, it has been very positive for Holding.

He is considered to be a potential world-class defender, but he might turn out to be a Jack Wilshere who had plenty of talent and potential but wasted it to injury.

With Koscielny getting old and probably going to be more injury-prone (like Cazorla, Rosicky, etc) he probably needs someone to fill in for him.

Holding, if given the proper opportunity, would develop into a defender to replace our Koscielny when his time is up.

Given that he is an English homegrown, he will be like Jack Wilshere to be a role model for the academy players that they could get into the first team.

All for the best.


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