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Sanchez's goal vs Germany

Posted by Gunner almost 7 years ago · 1 replies

Today, Shkodran Mustafi started and made a terrible pass to Sanchez which with Arturo Vidal scored a quick opener. With that being said, Sanchez is capable of destroying his own teammates if they make a mistake.

From watching this, wouldn't it be scary to have him beat us up if we have to play against him?

We need to hold on to him and show that we deserve him because otherwise, we will have another Fabregas, van Persie, Cole, and the p that went to City for kind of similar reasons, etc.

We need to have people like Alexis or else we are not going to win the way we used to and it could spell the end of Wenger era.

We don't need money so selling Sanchez is not going to help Arsenal unless there is a player who can carry his team to the Champions League every year no matter what players or manager is on that team.


danielson116 620 pts
Posted almost 7 years ago by danielson116

We already know how good sanchez is and how good he'd be on a rival's team. I still don't think Wenger will sell to a rival at this point; if anything, he'd sell abroad. That being said, Germany don't have Rob Holding in their back 3, so even if we face sanchez, I think we'll be more than fine

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