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Yep there goes our defense

Posted in International Break a Blessing For Arsenal

But seeing how this season already started, they should start scheduling the next season with the international break so MLS teams don't get affected by it.

Yeah, I am fully aware that the MLS is not the best league in the world. I think scheduling the international breaks into the season is the right move, even if most teams don't have international players.

Posted in International Break a Blessing For Arsenal

So how's it coming?

Posted in 2017-2018 Arsenal Report Prediction League

As an American, the international break ignores me a bit, because MLS teams don't get time off, meaning my Atlanta United were without some of our best players this past Tuesday, leading to a 3-2 loss to one of the worst teams in the league. This wouldn't be a problem if the MLS got time off from games during international breaks, but as of now, we don't.

Posted in International Break a Blessing For Arsenal

All this makes me wish we had Lemar instead of unhappy Alexis right now

Posted in Alexis deserves better than Arsenal

Lol hope he keeps all his players on contract and doesn't stall out extension talks

Posted in Stan Kroenke buys Overwatch team

Wow, ok, say no more.I would normally argue with almost anyone. But you leave me speechless, I actually feel sorry for you. You're bending reality in your head to suit your delusion. You need counselling, you have issues.

Touche, my "friend."

Posted in Buying Ozil was a mistake

LOL did our strongest defence create all those chances? You're delusional and clutching for straws.Crediting a better attacking display to a stronger defence is an all time low for Ozil lovers.

Everything starts from the back. We were more confident, leading to better passing and fluid motion moving forward to the attacking third. Seeing this relationship isn't an "all time low," it's recognizing a key part of how Arsenal play, and Ozil plays a part in this. You are so sure of your opinion of Ozil that you ignore every stat other than goals and assists to boost your "case." Ozil is an unselfish player; he has superb vision and always looks for the smart pass. Yes, a lot of the time our chances don't result in a shot, but Ozil gets the ball into the box like he is supposed to, whether in the air or on the ground. If ozil threads a perfect pass to Lacazette, but lacazette can't beat the goalie or another defender, that's not Ozil's fault. He did his job, like a no 10 is supposed to.

Posted in Buying Ozil was a mistake

Today Arsenal played so much better without Ozil the fraud.In a tough away game Arsenal actually looked better than Chelsea and created several good chances. Shame about the conversion.People who rate Ozil should be lined up and shot dead.Ozil is a total disgrace and a waste of space. I hope he fucks off in the winter transfer window because waiting for the next summer is too long.

We played better because we actually had our strongest defense on the pitch. Ozil has nothing to do with that. Yes, we still created good chances, because we have players other than Ozil to create chances. You blatantly ignore the creative impact that Ozil provides to our offense. He is always in the list of most chances created in the whole league. I hope you fuck off in the winter transfer window because waiting for next summer is too long.

Posted in Buying Ozil was a mistake