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why not just sign another cb or two over the summer? then we have coverage for injuries and fatigue

Posted in What do you think about the new formation 3-4-3 ???

Nostalgic... We will beat Liverpool for 4th place, but eventually lose CL spot to ManUtd with their Europa League win...

I looked up CL rules, and it says that a max of 5 teams from each league can legally enter the CL (whether group stage or playoff), so if Man U win Europa League and we get 4th, we could still get into CL? I think we still have a chance here...

Posted in Top 4 still alive?

We're a joke in the football world, and the only way to fix it is to completely change the ethos and philosophy of the club. And the only way to do that is to bring in a manager with the desired traits.

You hit the nail on the head-this is exactly why we need a new manager. Arsene has become stale and satisfied with mediocre finishes, while us fans suffer season after season of stagnancy. This is kind of what happened to Chelsea with Jose's second run. He was successful for a time, but then when his strategies failed, Chelsea quickly replaced him with Conte, a fresh manager with new ideas, like the 3-4-2-1. Conte not only restored Chelsea, he restored Hazard, arguably a top 10 player in the world. It's not a perfect parallel, but we need to learn from Chelsea's decisions. They moved on from the past with Mourinho, and now they're on track to win the league, something we haven't done in 13 years.

Posted in We need to bring in improvements!!

It left us fairly open at the back at some points, which led to odd defensive situations (see Negredo goal), but it was nice to see Wenger try something different. I don't think it's our version of Chelsea's magical formation shift, but having Sanchez and Ozil on the wings with Giroud in the center does have its benefits.

Posted in What do you think about the new formation 3-4-3 ???

Arsene needs to announce he's leaving at the end of the season now. In doing so he'll give our shithouse board enough time that even they can't fuck up (unless they appoint Eddie Howe the PE teacher) and hopefully every Arsenal fan will rally behind the team for Arsene's lst few months. Bowing out with top 4 and an FA Cup would be a good ending for what was a potentially disastrous season

And hopefully another St. Totteringham's Day...

Posted in New Manager

We need a world class winger but don't think we'll make any additions

Honestly if the Reus rumors are true I wouldn't mind him on the left and Alexis up front

Posted in Winter Transfer Window

(Young) left back (Ricardo Rodriguez?) and Santi's replacement (People are mentioning about Veratti, but don't think he wants to fight Xhaka for a place) are priorities imo. Left wing and centre forward too but these positions seem congested atm. This transfer window or the summer's.Also renew Alexis', Mesut's & Laurent's contracts.

Yea we need to renew Mesut's contract. I like veratti but honestly we need other positions more than we need cms.

Posted in Winter Transfer Window

Giroud is slow as all get-out but he is still a physical player and has had some clutch headers for us (cough cough Man U). I agree that we need a pacier striker, and Alexis is starting to fill that role, but I think we should hold on to Giroud for a little longer, at least until he desires to leave.

Posted in Alexis playing centrally