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Patron Experiences frequent chest pains from watching Arsenal 5 pts

Theo Walcott - Contract Extension?

Posted by Patron over 9 years ago · 2 replies

Since his return from injury, he has only started four games in all competitions, scoring in three. This proves that he still has the ability to produce, but is it the only thing he offers? He isn't the best technically, and barely offers the full-back a helping hand. On the other hand, Welbeck and Ox who seem to be above him in the pecking order, are quite the opposite. They lack in end product but compensate with work rate and technical ability. They are able to retain possession when needed and therefore offers more balance to the team, whereas all Walcott really does is get behind defenders.

Taking into account Ox's persistent hamstring problems, he should sign and fight for his place.


Ix Techau Evil Mastermind 14,278 pts
Posted over 9 years ago by Ix Techau

Well, I think we're discussing a lot of players out of position here.

For me, Theo Walcott is a right winger. So is Oxlade-Chamberlain. In my opinion, these two are the players that should be fighting for the right wing. Gnabry as third-choice backup in case of injuries.

Danny Welbeck is not a winger, I don't want him on either flank. I think he should be fighting with Giroud for the centre-forward spot, not be played on the wing just so he gets some pitch minutes. Use Welbeck for pacey def-counter tactics, and Giroud for everything else.

Here's how I would utilise our current personnel:

GK: Chezzer first as soon as he gets his head straight, Ospina second.
RB: Debuchy obviously, but have Bellerin and Jenko as different options of the spectrum
LB: Gibbs for def-counters, Monreal for solidity
CB: Gabriel+Kos for most fixtures, Mertesacker to alternate for calmer fixtures, Chambers as backup
CM: Coq+Ramsey in the pivot, Cazorla and Jack as backups
RW: Theo and Ox to battle it out based on form
AM: Ozil and Cazorla to alternate based on opposition
LW: Sanchez, but we need a backup here...go into market
CF: Giroud for most games, Welbeck to alternate

Patron Experiences frequent chest pains from watching Arsenal 5 pts
Posted over 9 years ago by Patron

It doesn't really matter if Welbeck is out of position, Wenger prefers him there over Walcott atm.

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