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Thierry Henry talks about the top four, says Arsenal need another four players to compete with Chelsea

Posted by Praxeum over 8 years ago · 2 replies

On Arsenal needing four more players:

[Arsenal], I think, has great mentality, top-quality players and match-winners. I still think they need four players to get closer to Chelsea. I compare it to my generation - I knew, for example, when I first arrived at Arsenal that if I was not performing after an hour, Dennis Bergkamp was on the bench sometimes or Kanu or Sylvain Wiltord or Davor Suker. Whoever it was, I knew I had an hour to perform.

On Theo possibly becoming the second option to Giroud:

Olivier Giroud alone there as a natural-born striker, it is difficult, because they say when he does not score, it is very difficult. Hopefully Theo Walcott could be the answer. You have a guy who you did not think was going to play as a striker, although he has been the talk of the town for a little while, him playing as a striker.

On Chelsea:

Other teams are going to adapt to what Chelsea are doing. And you saw it at the end of last season when they were struggling to win games. They were winning them, but they were struggling to do so, and they were not winning them in the same way that they were at the beginning of the season.

But I think that the Tottenham game changed everything for Chelsea after that. Suddenly they became a tiny bit more defensive, as Jose Mourinho does not normally concede five goals, but they were still the best team in the league by a distance.

On Liverpool:

Losing Stevie G is going to be very difficult. That guy in the dressing room, professional, it is not only what he brings on the field, it is also what he brings around the dressing room, the atmosphere, keeping those guys' heads up all the season. It is not easy.

On Man City:

I think sometimes football has gone mad. Back in the day, if you had won the double [the league and Capital One Cup in 2014], it is like you guys say here, 'Happy Days!' That should have secured you 20 years at the club. And I am not having a go here, but especially City. When would they have thought that they were going to do a double?

On Man Utd:

It is going to be another year of people getting used to what Louis van Gaal wants. It took a little while for the players to understand what he wants, his tactics, and it worked. And then they had a little problem again at the end of the season.


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