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Interest died I guess. I browse from time to time to see if anyone else is active!

'Emoji' list needs an update for sure.

Posted in Is anyone here?!?!?

Oops. Apparently there is no check in place for empty post. Add that to the bug list :D

Any chance we can get a preview of the new version?

Posted in Arsenal Report Glitch?

Neymer, Pogba, Bale, Sterling...

Neymar is most definitely not overrated. He's a solid creator for Barcelona, and sometimes they really struggle when he's not playing and when Messi doesn't dig them out of a hole.

Posted in Players more overrated than Ozil

and even got the Champions League semi-final.

We went to the final too. :P

Posted in We need ruthless board

Our players showed little interest in the game after conceding the second and third goals... Conspiracy against Wenger ???

Well, maybe? We've seen other teams do it. Chelsea last year with Mourinho, Man U 3 years ago with Moyes. I mean, it can happen...

Posted in WBA vs Arsenal · Premier League · 18 Mar 2017 · 15:00

must win games hereafter...... to salvage some pride..


Posted in WBA vs Arsenal · Premier League · 18 Mar 2017 · 15:00

I think that he's not leaving for Real.

Posted in Lucas Perez to leave for real?

You should make a "Gunner Award" for making more than 30 threads and posting more than 50 comments in a single day. ^^ That should go well...

Posted in The Eisfield Award

The ones who have predicted Arsenal to win tonight are very brave souls.

Yeah, seems like the team's mental state has gone completely to shit.

Posted in Arsenal vs Bayern · Champions League · 07 Mar 2017 · 19:45