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Visiting Emirates
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Looking at the line up after Alexis and Ramsey had gone off, it was hard to see where the goals would come from. The lack of energy, urgency and drive shown by the fresh Ox and Campbell is appalling.

What the fuck is wrong with Arsenal? I really am wondering.

Posted in Match day: Norwich Vs Arsenal

"Don't add cover for Coquelin as it could hinder his development"

Posted in Matchday Thread - West Bromwich Albion v Arsenal - 21 November 2015


Bellerin Gabriel Koscielny Monreal

Coquelin Cazorla Özil

Doh! Giroud Alexis

  • Option 1: Cazorla on flank with Flamini taking his place in midfield
  • Option 2: Özil on flank with Cazorla as CAM and Flamini besides Coquelin
  • Option 3: Joel Campbell.
  • Option 4a: Alexis on RW, Gibbs on LW
  • Option 4b: Bellerin at RW
  • Option 5: Give Iwobi a new chance after that shit show on tuesday
  • Option 6: Dan Crowley just came back from loan....
  • Option 7: Go full retard: Pace machine and tekkers master Chambers as RW!
  • Option 8: Play with 9 outfield players
  • Option 9: Forfeit match
Posted in Matchday Thread - Swansea v Arsenal - 31 October 2015

I'd say give the ones who played in Zagreb a chance to make it right!

Debuchy and Gibbs needs playing time to be able to challenge Monreal and Bellerin!

Posted in Matchday Thread - Arsenal v Olympiacos - 29 September 2015

Per is scared of getting hit by a football...

Posted in Matchday Thread - Leicester v Arsenal - 26 September 2015

Could do without Giroud in this game IMO...

Posted in Matchday Thread - Arsenal v Liverpool - 24 August 2015

But he scores about 15 goals per season in the league..I don't see him galvanising the team...

Posted in The Almighty 2015 Summer Transfer Window Thread

I like the way NY Yankees have done it with having a more elaborate "offical" logo, and a simpler one on the gear. So in our example I would like to go back to something like we had before the present logo as the offical one and use a cannon on our kits and stuff.

Offical logo:


Posted in If there is one good thing Liverpool have done...

Are you sure about this?

The first point is slightly confusing. So if Odengaards or any South American/African talent move there it's fine as long as their dads sells hotdogs on the street?

And Norway is in the in the reopen Economic Area(Schengen) so he should be fine by point 2?

Posted in Real Madrid facing the wrath of FIFA - youth rules explained