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AWassist 1,487 pts

Match day: Norwich Vs Arsenal

Posted by AWassist over 8 years ago · 18 replies

After midweek success we face Norwich. Alexis is reported to have tight Hamstrings but wont be rested. I would like AW to put Alexis on the bench. My starting line up.

Joel Giroud Ramsey Santi Ozil Flamini Monreal Gabriel Per Debuchy.

I liked how Joel played midweek and this kid will only improve a LOT. I want Koscielny and Hector to be rested as well. Game should be relatively easy. I see us wining 2-0


Morleys Mesut Özil > You and your mum, chief 4,431 pts
Posted over 8 years ago by Morleys

Cech; Bellerin - Gabriel - Koscielny - Nacho; Flamini - Cazorla; Ramsey - Özil - Alexis; Giroud

Deleted User
Posted over 8 years ago by (user deleted)

I dunno guys, these kind of "easy" games always fill me up with pessimism the day before. I mean remember all the Newcastles, Birminghams, et al which destroyed our seasons before? Always, always, always happy to be proven wrong by the team, but just get this weird feeling during this time of the season, every year.

Omglol 3,323 pts
Posted over 8 years ago by Omglol

There is always chance we will lose one of this, we cant win all, but we are very good vs lower table teams. Ramsey is back, and that's huge, because our problem is not opposition but our injured team and ..motivation.

Posted over 8 years ago by Markymarkswe

Looking at the line up after Alexis and Ramsey had gone off, it was hard to see where the goals would come from. The lack of energy, urgency and drive shown by the fresh Ox and Campbell is appalling.

What the fuck is wrong with Arsenal? I really am wondering.

poodris 2,818 pts
Posted over 8 years ago by poodris

Wenger is too stubborn and full of himself to make the obvious moves, both in the transfer market and with tactical management.

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