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Premier league Tuesday 13 Dec 2016, 19:45 · BT Sport 1

3d pitch
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Everton win Draw Arsenal win
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Poom 273 pts
Posted over 7 years ago by Poom

...but we didn't. Cheers, Arsene.

Atrocious form! 2nd loss in all competitions in 16/17 season. . .that's 2 out of 24 games. Should've got the sack after the 1st one.

Ix Techau Evil Mastermind 14,278 pts
Posted over 7 years ago by Ix Techau

Not really about form, more about patterns repeating themselves over the last 10 years. Has history taught you lot nothing? Wenger is the master of making the same mistakes year in and year out. "But maybe this year," cried a hopeful choir. And yet come May, the wait is prolonged.

Little niggle
Little bit niggle

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